February 20, 2018

Battle For the Best Cruiseline – Royal Caribbean Vs Carnival Cruises

What is the difference between Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise lines?

Carnival and Royal Caribbean are two of best known cruise lines through the world. Each cruise lines are the cream of the crop, and they share certain similarities BUT most people prefer one over the other. Why do some only sail Royal Caribbean? And some only Carnival? I will try to discern the marked differences between Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruises.

Ship Class: Royal Caribbean ship is more classy in style, with elegant dining rooms, and visually more appealing than the Carnival. Carnivals décor was more casual.
Deck Space: The Royal Caribbean International (RCI) deck space is larger and wider, in comparison with Carnivals narwer deck
Cabins: The Cabins on the Carnival and RCI are almost the same square footage, but the Carnival Cabins were slightly larger. Carnival has amenities in the bathroom of every stateroom, RCI only has amenities if you get a Suite.
Shows: Both cruiselines had shows every night. The RCI had better main shows, while Carnival had better side shows.
Food: Both the Carnival and RCI cruiselines have their strong points. Carnival has more versatile food choices, as well as 24 hour room service to your room. RCI has an excellent buffet, and the Johnny Rockets Restaurant, It does not offer 24 hour room service, but you can dine at any time of the day or night in the dining area.
Crowd: The Carnival has a youngger, wilder crowd versus the RCI who has a slightly older, calmer crowd. If you want a more party atmosphere, then Carnival is your best choice. If you want a more refined classy experience, than RCI is better for you. The RCI seemed more experience in handling larger crowds than the Carnival.
Kids Programs: Both had excellent kids programs

Based on my personal experiences, and the reviews from, RCI seems to have an edge edge on the Carnival. Keep in mind that you have to consider your own needs, wallet, and style.

Source by Tiffany Sandy

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