February 20, 2018

What to Do on a Cruise Ship

Before my wife and I ever took our first cruise we were discussing options for our next vacation. I do not recall exactly how the subject of taking a cruise came up, but since it was something we had always wanted to do we found it a viable contender.

We began as most do by checking better known cruise line sites to see what was offered. While the ships looked amazing and the ports beyond beautiful, we found ourselves wondering what to do on a cruise ship during the days spent at sea. I must say we were very surprised at what we found.

The cruise ships of today are very modern and in constant competition with one another. Each wants to offer the largest bang for your buck and to compete with other cruise lines that they try to offer things found only on their specific ships. Even similar venues tend to incorporate an individual spin. Take casinos for example. Most cruise lines have them, so each competes by offering different games, larger casinos, and specific tournaments you can enter.

Dining options are another area where ships compete. They all tend to offer the standard main dining areas and buffet style areas, but some ships are now pushing the envelope to offer specialty restaurants such as steak houses and French or Italian restaurants. Dinner shows on each cruise line vary as well and some now even include murder mysteries.

Where entertainment is concerned we found the greatest competition in the theater arena. Almost all ships offer comedy shows and Broadway type venues, but some ships are now taking that even further and offering Aqua Theaters and ice shows. That alone is enough to sway you to cruise with them, as who heard of an ice show aboard a cruise ship?

Once our question of what to do on a cruise ship was answered we went ahead and booked the cruise. Since the fare was lower than a land hotel and included our room, beverages, meals and entertainment it just looked like a no brainer. Plus with ports so close to home we could drive so saving money on air fare.

We enjoyed the cruise immensely and easily became hooked on cruising! Literally the moment we arrived home we were on the computer looking into booking our next cruise. As slightly more experienced cruisers now, our question is no longer what to do on a cruise ship but rather how to find the time to do it all!

Source by Ryan Gaston

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