February 21, 2018

19 Tips to a Cheaper Cruise

A cruise vacation can be an expensive way to spend your vacation but with a little bit of ingenuity you can make your cruise much cheaper. Its easier than you think to cruise on a budget, see the list below for some ways to save money.

1. Book your cruise on line. Massive discounts are to be had by booking on line. Savings of up to 70% are not uncommon. You can usually still find the reputable high street operators on line but at much reduced price.

2. Reserve excursions in advance before you set off on vacation. This will save you hundreds of dollars especially if you cut out the middle man and reserve the excursion yourself on the Internet.

3. Plan your spending carefully. With the advent of cash free cruising comes careless spending. You may thing that not having cash on board gets rid of the inconvenience of loose change but it also comes with the promise that you will over spend if you do not watch what you are doing.

4. Getting an inside cabin will slash the price of your cruise. You wont have the luxury of a balcony or sea views but you can always go out on deck if you want to feel the sea air.

5. Do not splurge out on a mega spa visit. Do you really need someone else to do your hair or nails while on board? Get it done before you leave. You will save a fortune.

6. Remember that kids go free on most cruise operators. Check yours first and if the kids are not free take you business elsewhere.

7. Do not be drawn in by the expensive exercise classes. You can usually get something similar free and save yourself $ 10 every time.

8. Be aware that most cruises offer an alternative restaurant that is not included in your cruise cost. Avoid these because there is usually a cover charge, sometimes as high as $ 20.

9. Things like ice cream and coffee are sometimes not included in the price of your cruise. Avoid them and you could be saving enough to pay for a whole shore excursion … Obviously a budget one off the Internet.

10. Instead of using the on board telephone facilities just get your cell phone enabled for roaming. Your cell phone will be a quarter of the price of the on board telephones, even in another country.

11. Avoid room service. Although there is not usually an extra charge for room service you will be expected to tip the attendant.

12. Re-check the price of your cruise at a later date. Some cruise operators will re-fund the difference if the price has gone down.

13. Stay out of the casinos or just become a spectator. Its amazing how much money you can lose in the on board casinos. Take advantage of the ships free entertainment instead.

14. Avoid the air inclusive cruises. You will pay a much higher price if you book your cruise and flights at the same time and they usually do not co-ordinate very well, bad connections and itineraries are common.

15. Cruise out of season rather than in holiday season is a guaranteed way to get a massive discount on your next cruise.

16. Buy a small part of the company. This sounds ludicrous but by becoming a shareholder in companies such as carnival or Royal Caribbean you will get between $ 50 and $ 200 off every cruise you go on!

17. Make your own way to the docks rather than catching the provided transport. Instead you may as well walk a couple blocks.

18. If you are planning another cruise then you may as well buy while on your present cruise. You will get a discount and you will receive a better cabin.

19. Smuggle your own booze on board in a water bottle. Vodka or gin can be bought on board in an empty water bottle or if wine is your poison then bringing your own bottles on board and pay a corking fee, it will be much cheaper than the cheapest bottles on board.

Read through these tips before you reserve your next cruise and you could be making a huge saving.

Source by Steven Kirby

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