February 21, 2018

Cruise Oxygen Is Available For Patients

Just a few years ago it was unthinkable that people with medical needs like 24 hours oxygen requirements could go on a cruise, holiday in distant locations and come back happy and tanned. With modern cruise ships even wheelchair passengers feel at home, with convenience of ramp facility extended over the whole ship, not just restricted to a few inner staterooms. Guests on a cruise oxygen requirement need to plan their stay and get their own supply before embarking on the journey.

It is better to bring along the addresses of the oxygen supplier and their local contacts in foreign locations. Generally, cruises let you bring your own oxygen units on board but not all cruises have a facility for refilling as only emergency services are provided.

However, cruise oxygen supply should be discussed with the travel agent prior to booking. New technological advancement has given people the choice of choosing the kind of oxygen you want. The various types available are: Liquid oxygen, Oxygen Conserving device and oxygen concentrators.

Liquid oxygen is condensed form of oxygen that is cooled to its liquid point.100lb. of liquid oxygen is enough for room and portable needs. It gives a flow at rate of 1-6 liters per minute and can be adjusted according to need. For better supply and safety it is advised that liquid oxygen will be used with an oxygen concentrator. It is commonly available on almost all ports, hotels and resorts.

Oxygen cylinders are another good option that is available for patients of COPD and other related diseases. Oxygen Concerving Devise regulators have become popular and also extend the life of the oxygen cylinder. The flow of the oxygen is at 1 to 6 liters per minute with adjustment control.

An oxygen concentrator is a very reliable option while choosing a cruise oxygen system. It is a self generating oxygen unit, which can be plugged into the wall unit or can be run on batteries. It is a very economic way of providing oxygen and can be easily transported on the cruise or the plane. Boundaries have opened and going to places has become convenient. Even disabilities and oxygen dependent patients can go on a holidays. Mobility has become better with modern conveniences available on the cruise and hotels.

Source by Anita Choudhary

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