February 24, 2018

5 Proven Tips For Deep Discounts on Cruises – Save Money On Your Next Cruise Vacation

Are you wondering if you can save money on your next cruise vacation and still have loads of unadulterated and pure fun?

If so, the answer is yes!

This article discusses five easy tips for discount cruises – tips that most cruisers may not know …

There are several discounts that cruise lines or cruise travel agencies offer, and being aware of such discounts and offers can help save a lot of money. Apart from repositioning cruises (which were discussed in part 1 of this article), traveling in the off peak season and others, here are 5 ways you can save money on your next cruise vacation …

Cruise Travel Agencies May Save You Money?

Cruise travel agencies sometimes reduce the cost of your ticket by reducing their responsibilities … Here is how it works – cruise travel agencies get a commission from the cruise line for every ticket they sell. And some cruise travel agencies pass on a part of their responsibilities to their customers. But this may not happen always – especially if the cruise lines want to prevent a price war and request the cruise agencies not to do so.

In any case, booking through a cruise travel agency may be a good thing to do because in addition to a possible discount that you may be getting on your cruise ticket, cruise agencies might also be able to help you choose a cruise ship that is right for you because they know about the amenities aboard the ships and the on board and on shore activities.

And Here is something that seems to fly in the face of "conventional wisdom" …

Booking Your Cruise Tickets Early Can Save You Money …

A few years ago, it used to be that last minute buyers would most likely end up with the largest discounts … but this may not be true anymore.

Booking early – about three to four months in advance is generally considered to result in better deals. But even this may not be an iron clad rule as many large cruise ships are being launched. And with increasing capacity, there is a higher possibility of unsold inventory at the last minute on several cruise ships. And these tickets can be discounted tickets. But even if such last minute unsold inventory exists, not everyone may be able to take time off from work and travel on a very short notice.

And Here is another tip that can save quite a bit of money …

2 For 1 Cruise Deals:

Some cruise lines offer 2 for 1 cruise deals on select cruises. But it is also possible that airfare may not be included in the 2 for 1 deal.

Well, if that sounded great then this one might be even better …

Discounts On Group Cruise Travel:

Booking your cruise tickets as part of a group can be a great thing to do because group cruise tickets are usually discounted … and if you are planning a family reunion, a wedding or more then group cruise travel can be a great option.

To qualify as a group you may need eight double occupancy staterooms, but you might want to check with your cruise travel agency about what constituents a group.

And Here is yet another tip that may result in lots of savings …

Discounts for Seniors:

Cruisers over fifty five years may be entitled to senior discounts. Here is what may be the best part – only one passenger in a stateroom is required to be aged fifty five and over, and all the other passengers in the same state room get their tickets at the same discounted price!

Also, seniors may also qualify for a senior discount on the air tickets too.

There are several other tips that will be discussed in part 3 of this series.

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