February 24, 2018

Packing For a Seven Day Cruise – What to Pack For Your Cruise

Going on cruises are something most people dream of and some lucky one actually get to do. If you are one of the lucky people to be going on a cruise you will need some tips on packing for a seven day cruise. This article is for all the people who take a week long cruise trip to some exotic location.

The best recommendation I can make is to start a packing list the very day you decide you are going on a cruise. Put in categories like documents, electronics, medical, clothing, toiletries and miscellaneous.

Now sit down in a quiet spot and visualize yourself waking up in the morning and the actions you perform upon waking, brushing your teeth hopefully will be the first, so put down toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash. Then move on to the next step, probably washing your face, so soap or face wash and so on. By the time you have finished your ablutions you would have listed all the items you will need in the bathroom from toothpaste to shower get, shampoos et al.

Now move on to getting dressed; first and last nights aboard the ship will be casual ones. On the first night you will probably be waiting for your luggage to arrive and this is as good a time as any to warn you to pack a carry on tote bag that you put in all your toiletries, one day's prescription medicines supply, a change of clothes, a nightshirt, some underwear and any other essentials you may need immediately after you board. On the last night aboard your cruise ship you will be packing to leave so it's another casual, trousers and top kind of apparel you will need to pack.

There are usually two formal dress nights so pack for them, formal trouser suits should do fine, do not go overboard and pack a tux or gown, that's really for the movies! One formal dress or suit and tie with shoes to match should carry you through. For the rest skirts, slacks, shirts and blouses for each day. Shorts, T-shirts and swimwear (take at least 3 sets because they do not dry easily) with a wrap and sandals, warm jacket (shipboard evenings can be chilly). Try to pack some loose fitting clothes because believe me you will be a size bigger at least after all the food you eat on the cruise. If you plan to work out while cruising, gasp! Then pack your jogging suit. Needless to say do not forget socks and underclothes. Enough said about clothes I think!

Electronics should include your cameras, batteries, battery charger, mobile phone and charger, portable iron, hairdryer and very important, do not forget an extension cord and converter plug, alarm clock and any other gizmo you simply can not live without.

Your documents are really the most important of the lot and ideally you should start with them. Passport, cruise tickets, airline tickets, visas, identification card, driving license, medical prescriptions for all the prescription drugs you are carrying, money, traveler's checks, credit cards, ATM card, Debit card and a telephone card.

The best tip really is to pack sensibly and not overload yourself because apart from having to carry everything you will definitely do a bit of shopping at your ports of call. Travel light, you are only packing for a seven day cruise and go have a blast!

Source by David Erskine

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