March 18, 2018

Why Alaska Cruises Are So Memorable

If you are one of seniors looking into Alaska cruises for your vacation this year then congratulations! You are going to have the best cruise holiday ever, providing a course that you are looking for a cruise with a difference. Visiting Alaska is without a doubt my favorite of all of them, and I'm speaking from experience – my cruising has taken me all over the world, but nothing has thrilled me so much as the ones that I've taken to Alaska.

Initially although, my feeling was that it was going to be too cold, every time I ventured on deck I'd be frozen, shore trips would be miserable, and after you see one snow topped mountain then you've seen them all. Boy was I wrong! So amazing was my first Alaska cruise that since then I've done several, all with different operators, and all the cruises were without exception brilliant.

One thing I as a senior did do though, was to follow the Alaska tour and travel experts advice. They recommended the cruise lines that I ended up using, but they seemed to be giving unbiased information. What suits these cruises so well are the pre and post cruise tour packages which connect with all the major lines. This takes you out into Alaska where you can watch the bears fishing for salmon, go kayaking or trekking through the many national parks. Sure the air was brisk, but I was never miserable and cold.

As long as you layer your clothing you will be fine, the weather can be changeable so taking a raincoat is not a bad idea. But the air, what a joy to breathe in this crisp clean air. We have forgotten what unpolluted air smells like back in NY. Seniors should always be particularly mindful of health threat s presented by quickly changeable weather.

Taking a cruise to Alaska has become somewhat of a trendy thing to do these days. Smacks of conservationism I know, but take my word for it, you will be affected by the awesome pristine beauty of the glaciers and fjords. Can not image why anyone would want to drive all the way by road when you can witness such spectacular scenery by sea. In a nutshell, Alaska cruises give you – great food, first class entertainment, wildlife watching with our amazing whales, great eagles and bears, glaciers and all the interesting ports of call along the way. The choice of cruise line is going to be your real big decision, because that is going to be the really difficult choice to make. The new players in the Industry with their floating resorts have features like fine dining as well as casual restaurants, lounges, Broadway style entertainment, casinos, health clubs, movie theaters and libraries. One has to wonder if there is any time left to view the passing scenery.

There is a sentimental favorite though, and this is the cruise line that pioneered the Alaska cruise market. Call it sophisticated old-world style cruising. How could seniors resist! You are able to take either northbound or southbound Alaska cruises depending on your cruise line. They are usually week-long cruises that travel between Whittier (Anchorage) and Vancouver. Both include Glacier Bay National Park, and College Fjord in Prince William Sound and call in at the ports at Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan.

Once in port, passengers are able to take shore excursions and even helicopter flights to the top of the glaciers, weather permitting of course. Alaska tourism are right when they say if time permits, organize a pre or post cruise tour that takes in the superb national parks, staying at the lodges and experiencing the land side of this wonderfully exciting state.

Source by Sam Butler

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