March 19, 2018

Cruise – Experiencing Pure Relaxation Aboard Ship

You sit there on your own private balcony, half dress so that the sun can tan your body evenly.

You hear the sound of the waves as your 5 star floating resort makes its way through the high seas ……

The breeze from the sea, cools the air, as you breath deeply and slowly, inoxicated with pure relaxation.

As you tan, evenly, you wonder what you will order for dinner …. So many choices, 5 course meal, served professionally and elegantly by the ship's dinning room staff. You realize that you have not yet decided to sit at a table with other couples or to request a table for two – maybe your mate will decide.

The best thing about your thoughts are, no matter what you decide, there is no additional cost to have the steak and lobster or the grilled chicken, its all included in the price of the cruise.

You turn your thoughts to your mate, he / she is at the spa getting a massage. You would have opted for the massage, but you spent your daily travel allowance on a 24 K gold bracelet, in the ship's shopping mall. You still can not get over how inexpensive the jewelry is aboard ship.

You are more then happy to just sit there on your private balcony and listen to the sounds of the ocean, as the ship sails into the setting sun.

The jazz music in the background from your cabin's entertainment system calms your spirit, as mother nature tans your body evenly. You are truly relaxed ……. your mind wonders back over your day at sea, you suddenly gain enough mental stamina to review the events of the day. First you and your mate had the buffet breakfast, but not before joining the morning exercise class, after which, you shaved and headed for the 24 hour buffet. You visited with shipmates that you had met yesterday when boarding ship.

After breakfast, you decided to respond to the tons of email from back home – so you made a mad dash to the Internet cafe to get a good seat while you browsed the Internet and looked out over the ocean.

After responding to emails, you decided that you would sit by the pool and enjoy the rays of the sun, of course there was a motion picture move in the heater, but you opted for the adult games by the pool. (the kids have their own pool) The performance of the live band, right on the pool deck, made your day.

The day had been good, but now, you need some time alone. The tan that had started while you were socializing, meeting new people, enjoying the pizza and tropical drinks had taken its toll. What was that couple's name from New York?

You are welcomed just to close your eyes and feel the rays of the warm, late afternoon sun, because tomorrow, the ship will reach its first visiting port and the day will be filled with going ashore, land tours, lunch, shopping, picture taking and experiencing a whole new destination and country.

Ups, do not lean over the rail … you finally decide that taking a nape before dinner would be best … things seem to be spinning …

Source by Sandy Ingram

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