March 20, 2018

Hot Career Opportunities In The Cruise Industry

The chance to work aboard a cruise ship, would be a once in a life time opportunity for many people. There are many wonderful and priceless perks, once a person is hired by a cruise line. A few of these perks, include: the opportunity to meet new people and experience different cultures, great employee benefits and compensation, access to healthcare / medical attention aboard the cruise line, excellent meals, free uniforms, and of course, the opportunity to travel for free.

As a cruise line employee, you have the good fortune, of being able to travel to the most popular and exotic travel destinations in the world. Some of these travel destinations include: The Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, the Panama Canal, South America, Bermuda, Hong Kong, the French Riviera, and the like.

In short, if you have ever considered working aboard a cruise ship: here are a few cool, onboard career possibilities for you to consider.

* Medical Staff: If you are a nurse, Physician, Emergency Medical Technician, or other Allied Health Care Professional, you can put your medical expertise and credentials to use, by becoming a parting of the medical team, that each cruise line has their own aboard ship. The medical staff ensure that passengers receive the proper care that they need, should they suddenly become ill, and / or face a medical emergency.

* Purser: Pursers work under the direction of a cruise ship's hotel manager. The Purser's responsibilities are similar to those of a banker. Some of the Purser's responsibilities are: addressing passenger concerns / questions, overseeing hospitality services, conducting currency conversions, selling shore excursions, cashing traveler's checks, issuing onboard credits, and much more.

* Cabin Steward: Cabin Stewards has one of the most important job aboard a ship: ensuring that each of the passenger's cabin is immaculately cleaned every day. In addition to enduring that each cabin is cleaned, Cabin Stewards perform the following tasks: unpacking luggage, setting beverages on ice, laying out pajamas and other articles of clothing as requested by the guest, replenishes amenities, and other tasks / assigned by the Lead Cabin Steward and / or Hotel Manager.

* Seamen: Seamen are responsible for keeping the ship going. Some of the tasks of seamen include: scrubbing the decks, painting the ship, and running the engine room.

* Cruise Director: A Cruise Director's primary responsibility is to ensure there are plenty of activities and social life for the onboard passengers. Cruise Directors organize such activities as single dances, sporting contests, bingo and other fun games, movie night, and the like.

* Chef. This is another integral role / job aboard any cruise line: its size, level of luxury and comfort, and / or itinerary. The Chef and Second Chef (Sous Chef), are responsible: for the preparation of all the meals served aboard the cruise ship. They plan and prepare a variety of delectable meals that cruise ships are renamed for, such as: entrees, appetizers, salads, soups, vegetables, and desserts, for passengers to choose from.

They are also responsible for accommodating passengers with special dietary needs, such as diabetics, and those that require low or no sodium diets, low-carbohydrate, kosher, and other dietary needs / preferences. Moreover, on larger ships, the Chef and Sous Chef have to prepare meals for passenger, for the first and second meal sittings.

In final, these are just a few of the endless career options aboard a cruise ship. There are many other opportunities that are available such as those in Engineering, Laundry and Valet Services, Restaurant Management, Barber / Beauty / Hair Salon services, Physical Fitness / Aerobic / Exercise Services, which can be found on the websites, of the cruise line of your choice, or job boards such as Hcareers, Prosperity Careers, and All Cruise Jobs.

Source by KE Robinson

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