May 8, 2018

MLM Training – Are You Using The Products You Sell In Your Network Marketing Business?

In some shape or form, I have always felt like I wanted to provide a service to people. This desire, if you will, is what attracted me to network marketing.

I saw the potential of helping others succeed as well as enjoy the financial rewards that accompanied that. I have not looked back since that day.

It was not easy to begin with as I took the time to determine which part of the network marketing industry I wanted to belong to as well as build my knowledge and credibility by trying the products I was about to promote.

So, let me ask you now, are you using the products you sell in your Network Marketing business?

There are a number of reasons why it is important that you do.

One of the most important reasons is to remain credible at all times.

No matter how well you have prepared to make calls to new MLM prospects or to follow up on previous calls, you will sometimes get hit with a question or objection. We all do. For example, a prospect might say:

* The product is too expensive
* I can buy a similar product in the local store
* Do you use these products?
* What benefits are you getting by using them?
* I have heard some bad things about these types of products

Rather than rely on theory to push home the value of using the products I sold (as well as to maintain my credibility), let me discuss a network marketing niche I am both very familiar with and highly successful in, and that is health and nutritional supplements. Hopefully you will see how this relates to my desire to help people.

One very telling statement I heard from a distributor recently was "After all my research about supplements, I've come to some very uncertain understandings about them. There are always some conflicting statements.

From my own experience, the supplements market is so subjective it basically comes down to what works for the prospects. Some of their reasons why they do or do not take supplements are so off the wall. Also, there's so much noise and too much input regarding supplements, what are you supposed to say when handling a question or objection? There are literally thousands of different supplements available out there and your MLM company will probably only offer a few. So, how do you find the customers that want and need what you have? And last, but not least, what if you do not have a story to go with your company's offerings?

I believe the reason why there are so many conflicting opinions in magazines, in articles, on websites about supplements is because many are motivated by making a profit for the company or people voicing their negative opinions.

But what will never be in conflict are the facts about the value of quality supplements. There are measurable benefits. There are free radical urine tests, there are hair samples, there are blood tests, there's laser technology, tons of different ways that you can actually measure whether or not supplements are getting into the body and whether or not they're working.

The point is you must be able to handle questions and objectives effectively and credibly or you run the risk of losing your MLM prospects. By disregarding all the profit driven opinions, by doing your own research and, by actually using the products you sell, you will be able to deal with any situation you may face. I have discussed supplements as a real network marketing example in terms of real measurable and tangible benefits but the same principle applies to any niche market.

If there is one exception, it may be on price comparison. As stated earlier, people buy supplements, or any product for that matter, for a whole host of different reasons. The ones they buy may well be price dependent even though the quality is inferior to yours.

So, you need to recognize that MLM prospects tend to fall into different levels in terms of spending power and how the view quality. There will be times where it is hard for your prospect to justify spending the amount of money on your products.

Think logically about that, and certainly do not get upset just because somebody says no to you. It is going to happen but if you use the products you are selling, if you can show the true value of your products, if you can show how your products will definitely help your prospects, then you will definitely minimize the times someone says no to you.

Source by Tim Sales

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