May 24, 2018

All Inclusive Excursions – Top Destinations – Antigua and Riviera Maya

If you have been searching for a great destination for an all inclusive excursion, there are a few that top the list for the best places to travel. Though most resort destinations offer at least a few all inclusive resorts, the more popular destinations tend to have more options available to you. Caribbean vacations seem to give the traveler the most all inclusive resort excursions to choose from.

Antigua – A Great All Inclusive Excursion

Antigua is a great all inclusive excursion destination. A small island located in the West Indies in the Caribbean region, Antigua has been drawing people to its beautiful shores for years. At about 100 square miles, the island of Antigua has a continuous population of a bit over 70,000. The main town on the island of Antigua is St. John’s, located on the northwest portion of the island and features a harbor large enough to accommodate large cruise ships, making it a popular stopping point for luxury cruise liners from around the world.

All Inclusive Antigua Activities

An all inclusive excursion on the Island of Antigua includes many wonderful opportunities for the traveler in search of a great vacation experience. Many of the all inclusive resorts on the island offer their guests meals, great accommodations, packages including honeymoons, and outdoor activities as well. One such activity usually included in an all inclusive package on the island of Antigua is scuba diving or watersports. Because of the amazing beaches and reefs which Antigua is known for, one of the main reasons for vacationing for many there are the watersports or diving experiences.

Aside from the wonderful coral reefs surrounding Antigua, providing the diver a spectacular view of the ocean life, you are also able to explore some of the many shipwrecks around the island. The clear water, lack of a strong current and shallow diving experiences available make Antigua a great place to learn to dive or use your already developed skills in a beautiful and pristine environment. Enjoy an all inclusive excursion on the island of Antigua.

Riviera Maya A Great All Inclusive Excursion

Another top all inclusive excursion destination is Riviera Maya. Otherwise known as the Mayan Riviera, tourism has thrived in this area, making it a great place to enjoy many wonderful options for all inclusive travel. Located on the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, it is famous for its upscale all inclusive resort community. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Belize Barrier Reef another great place to dive and also a large part of an all inclusive excursion. Riviera Maya offers the tourist another great opportunity as well due to its history and location. Jungles abound in this area, as well as archeology in such areas as Chichen Itza.

Activities On An All Inclusive In Rivera Maya

All Inclusive Resorts in Riviera Maya generally include golf, snorkeling, scuba diving, dolphin excursions, spas and jungle excursions. Guests of an all inclusive resort are privy to some of the most secluded areas and even private tours of areas not necessarily available to the general public. They usually include meals, activities, and occasionally transportation as well. Explore the beautiful Mayan ruins, and dive with the seas most amazing creatures on an all inclusive excursion to the Riviera Maya.

Though there are many other great destinations throughout the world that provide great excursions for the traveler, we hope that these two will spark your interest to do some exploring of your own. Travel can be simple and enjoyable, let someone else do your planning for you and sit back and enjoy the wonderful accommodations at an all inclusive resort destination on your next vacation.

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