June 11, 2018

Commitment Phobia – Getting A Man To Commit And Be Happy About It

Commitment phobia in men is a problem women face when trying to take their relationship to the next level. There can be one or several reasons why a man struggles with developing a defect intimacy with a women. By identifying the problem and working on a solution men can overcome their commitment phobia and experience love and happiness with a women.

Men who are afraid of relationships are often unable to verbalize their feelings and explain exactly why they will not commit to a relationship. To a women this can be frustrating and confusing. The man sees to enjoy her company but does not want to take the relationship to the next level. A women must know the reasons that men who are afraid of relationships have to better understand what is holding him back.

Past relationship experiences . Men with commitment phobia may have experienced painful and unsatisfying relationships in the past and understandably want to avoid a similar experience. If this is the case the women can try to assure the man that each relationship is unique and presents the opportunity for a new beginning.

Loss of freedom . Some men who are afraid of relationships fear the loss of personal freedom that comes with a serious committed relationship. If the women senses that this might be the reason for a mans hesitancy to become more seriously involved a honest and open conversation in which topics such as mutual respect and boundaries can be discussed and some ground rules agreed upon.

Fear of intimidation . Many men fear getting to close to a women. Sharing feelings with someone of the opposite sex can cause some men to go into a state of panic. Other men bottle their feelings up and reply to talk about what is bothering them. Most men would rather be left alone and avoid dealing with certain issues or topics. As long as their relationship with a women is wonderful they feel that they wont have to talk about certain subjects. This is where a women must be able to sense when a man is ready to talk and when he should be left alone.

Money . Money equals power for some men and the thought of having to share or discuss their money with a women can cause some men to have commitment phobia. Uncertainty about how money will be handled causes some men to shy away from becoming more involved in a relationship. Discussing some ground rules regarding money can usually put a man at ease regarding this matter.

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Source by Vivian Booth

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