June 11, 2018

Getting Your Man To Help Around The House

Getting a man to help around the house can sometimes be difficult and has been the cause of more than one breakup. Many women these days have full time jobs outside the home but still end up doing most of the housework. Its not fair and can cause serious problems between couples if not handled correctly. One of the problems many women face is that the man simply does not consider the up keep of the house as important as the women does. There are ways to deal with this problem. While it may never be completely resolved to a women’s satisfaction a man can be influenced to help out more.

Fighting about how much or how little your man does around the house rarely works. It can be difficult to hold your tongue when you come home after a hard days work and find the house is a mess and your man sitting on the couch watching TV. Your natural reaction is to lash out at him as you began picking up or doing one of the hundreds of other mundane never ending household chores that are always waiting for you. Next time this happens think before you act and you have a much better chance of getting him to start putting some effort into helping more with the household chores.

If your man is not helping as much around the house as you would like don’t take it personally. The last thing he probably wants to do is get on your bad side. He just isn’t thinking about helping out. You can use the fact that he probably wants to stay on your good side by telling him how much it would mean to you if he would help out. Be specific in what you would like him to do. While we all fantasize about a man who can instantly see what needs to be done around the house men can become confused about what you actually mean when you say “I could use some help”. Given a specific task around the house most men will attempt to complete it if somewhat begrudgingly. Once you see your man trying to be more helpful encourage and tell him you appreciate his effort. More than likely he will attempt to do even more for you.

All relationships involve some give and take. Open communication is one of the keys to a happy and successful relationship. Learn how to seduce your man and get what you want.

Source by Vivian Booth

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