June 12, 2018

Its Not the Cancer That Kills You

I realise that my take on cancer can be construed as controversial to say the least, but as someone who has been there twice, I feel qualified to some degree to try to reach out to others who are facing this particular life challenge and to attempt to ease the strain.

I truly believe that it is not the cancer that kills people, it is the fear. There is so much negative propaganda and fear of death around cancer that it is high time someone put forward a positive slant. I came across a great book early on in my search for help called, ‘Cancer is not a disease’. In this book the author states that cancer is a toxic state of affairs and the body’s way of isolating toxicity so as to protect the body. Now if that is not a radical viewpoint, I don’t know what is. The arguments put forward are really convincing however, and led me down the path I personally took with my second bout of cancer.

I can honestly say that today I do not have any fear of cancer, or recurrence. It is a cry for help from the body for cleansing, detox, adjustment to lifestyle and a very careful look at the stresses and strains we are living under. Stress is the single most effective of reducing immunity in the body and so many people I know who have had cancer choose to have surgery, chemo/radiotherapy and just carry on the way they were before.

Cancer is calling out to us to change our lives, our diet, our thinking, our relationships, our stress levels – and in that sense it is a survival mechanism, something which cares about our well-being.

I know that what I have just said is preposterous to so many ways of thinking about cancer. But I truly believe that fear of cancer can cause more stress and debilitation to our system than the cancer itself. Fear of death, disability, being socially outcast, losing our job, – these are more devastating than the illness!

Once you have faced your mortality twice and looked death in the face full on, the fear of death can no longer have any hold on you. This is the nature of fear. It is like a monster that runs after us as we run hell for leather in the opposite direction. When you can stop, turn around and look it in the face and say, ‘who are you and what do you want?’ it shrivels into nothing.

If you don’t believe me, try it! And living without fear, is a great way to live.

Source by Yamuna Loyal

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