July 11, 2018

Real Estate Investing in Honduras Versus Costa Rica

Let’s take a look in what factors are influential in investing in Costa Rica versus Honduras. Honduras is becoming a hotspot for foreign investment due to an increase in tourism, rising economy and lots of touristic attractions.

There are lots of eye-catching attractions in right at the centre of Trujillo Beach in Honduras. Trujillo does have the best beaches in Central America. The Trujillo has beautiful white beaches, 4.5 kilometers in length and is a true private beach. Trujillo has a great Caribbean atmosphere is has the smoothing tropic weather in all Caribbean.

Let’s take a look at Costa Rica. It is a major tourist attraction and does have a 2-billion dollar tourism industry. The demand is growing for Costa Rican property but that is a concern for investors. An increased demand may cause higher equity prices. On the other hand, Honduras tourism is expected to reach 1 billion dollars over the next three-four years. A major increase in tourism will be due to a new cruise terminal being built in Trujillo. The Banana Coast cruise line terminal would be completed by late 2012. The new terminal would have an influence on better local infrastructure, increasing land value, increasing jobs, and improving Honduran economy.

Costa Rica real estate does not allow foreign investors to build property along its coast line. If developers would want to build on a coast line than they would have to receive a rare concession by the local municipality and the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT). Then they would have to build at least 200 meters from the coast and would be awarded 20 years. It’s important to note that foreign investors can not apply for those rules unless they lived in Costa Rica for 5 years. Concessions can not be owned by corporations. Corporations have to have the majority of shares in Costa Rica.

In Honduras, the developments are built 150-200 meters away from the shoreline. This way there is a spectacular view of the ocean unlike in Costa Rica. Above all else, Honduras offers a better opportunity to get a good return on your investment. Honduras has low cost of living compared to Costa Rica. Health insurance and family plan is only around $100. The monthly utilities are between $15-50 that include power, electricity, water. Full maid service is only $7 per day and the transportation is quite affordable as well. Overall, for $1000 you can live comfortably in a country that has great weather and opportunity.

Source by Anthony Truong

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