July 11, 2018

Unraveling the Mystique of the Midwest Through Milwaukee

If you want to be grateful to the best of the Midwestern experience, you'll find it right at the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This friendly neighborhood located at the shores of Lake Michigan is famous for its beers, sports teams and rich heritage. For budget-conscious travelers, Milwaukee has certain earned nods from visitors that are looking to have fun without doing much damage on their pockets.

Unraveling the Mystique of the City

Milwaukee is Wisconsin's largest city and is known as the city of festivals with Summerfest, held between late June and early July, being the most famous of all these festivals. The city is also a perfect tourist destination for the culturally and historically inclusored visitor with its well-preserved 19th-century buildings that have stood strong since the passing of years.

The best time to visit Milwaukee is during the summer season because there are several outdoor activities being held all over the city that you can enjoy. Also, the weather is almost perfect that there's just no reason to stay indoors. However, if you'd like to be treated to a wonderful nature exploration or just enjoy the sights of Milwaukee, it's vegetation comes to life during springtime.

Exploring the Wilder Side of Milwaukee

Speaking of outdoor activities, there are several tours that you can join in while in Milwaukee. For instance, you can cruise the Milwaukee River via the Brew City Queen at the River Walk Boat Tours and Rentals. This is your chance to get an up close look of the river's beauty! It costs only $ 25 per person and already includes your drinks and snacks. For a different kind of tour, you can get to know more about the bees from which Milwaukee has been known for by joining the Miller Brewing Company tour for free.

Treat your children for a day at the zoo wherein they can enjoy up to 3,000 wild animals and birds at the Milwaukee County Zoo. More than just entertainment with the large collection of animals you can find in here, the zoo also features educational programs, guided tram tours, and train rides. All of these will amount to no more than $ 10.50. Or, you can take your children out for a day of swimming at the Paradise Landing which is an indoor water park that promises you with a tropical experience no matter what time of the year.

A Glimpse Into Milwaukee's Rich Heritage

Meanwhile, for cultural explorations the Milwaukee Public Museum offers a rich integration of cultural and natural heritage. It also has an IMAX theater and planetarium! And if you're looking to experience European and American art pieces, you're sure to find one at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Be sure to have your $ 8 ready before you can get in.

When it comes to pubs and dining, Milwaukee is teeming with choices but tourists never fail to visit the Water Street Brewery, which is the oldest pub in Milwaukee. Do not forget to try out the Scotch Egg, which is a hard-boiled egg that is wrapped in sausage before it is deep-fried, for only $ 2.50. Frozen Custard is another popular treat in this area and Kopp's Frozen Custard is a great place to check out if you want to get your own as they offer new flavors every day.

Milwaukee is also known for its sports teams and when you're in town, try to check out some of sporting events such as a Brewers game at Miller Park or see the Bucks live in action at The Bradley Center which is located in downtown Milwaukee. The serene atmosphere of the city breaks free when its time to cheer for the home teams in their respect league franchises.

Visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin is indeed a great way to relive the true Midwestern experience and this city never fails to deliver!

Source by Jane M Lee

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