July 18, 2018

Golden Chariot: Exploring the Mystique of South India

The Southern part of India is a renowned tourist destination in the country. The picturesque locations and the splendid beauty of the South India attract a number of tourists with their fascinating charm. If you want to explore the beauty of South India by travelling in a luxurious vehicle, then the Golden Chariot is the best one of the best bet available to you.

From Bangalore to Goa and from Tamil Nadu to Kerala, the train will let you experience the charismatic beauty of the country’s one of the most visited destination. Named after the World Heritage Stone Chariot in Hampi, the Golden Chariot luxury train has been designed and operated in a manner to recreate the romance of a bygone era. One of the best rail journeys in the World, this luxury cruise train charts the course of some of the famed destinations across South India offering two distinct itineraries.

The luxury train, Golden Chariot is equipped with modern amenities. Amenities include two suave restaurants, a lounge bar having various brands of wines and spirits, a gym and a well equipped spa. The accommodation facility of the train is also up to the mark. There are a total of eleven well furnished coaches in the train suffused with Hoysala and Dravidian architecture to recreate an era of pomp and splendor of erstwhile ruling dynasties, which will give you homely feeling.

The Golden Chariot Train offers you two enriching itineraries, i.e. Pride of the South and Splendor of the South. Both the itineraries provide 7 nights and 8 days train journey. Included in the tour are journey to some of the most illuminating and significant attractions as well as cultural hubbubs of local sightseeing tours. Where as the Pride of the South itinerary traverses the course of major tourist attractions in the South Indian state of Karnataka, the Splendor of South itinerary entails a journey to Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry beginning its journey from Bangalore.

A journey on board the Golden Chariot not only ensures that you travel in the lap of sheer luxury but you get to uncover the most charming aspects of South India. It is said that it’s not just the destinations but the journey which counts. With interiors suffused with heritage and luxury and amenities which technology can offer and money could buy, this luxury train in India offers one of the most enchanting tours in South India. Meticulously crafted itineraries and expert guides ensure that you do discover true colors of kaleidoscope that is South India.

Source by Harren Lee

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