August 8, 2018

What is Not Included in an All Inclusive Trip on Royal Caribbean?

When you book an all inclusive trip with Royal Caribbean you are getting a lot. Most of the things on the ship are included, however not everything is.

For your meals you can dine at any place, even have room service, for free. There are specialty restaurants that you can choose to experience at an extra charge. It is usually one or two restaurants that you can choose to dine at with a different menu and a specialty selection.

Another thing that you may be charged for are specialty drinks. All alcohol, of any kind is an extra charge. Soda is not free with any meals. If you drink a lot of soda look into buying a soda package which will allow you to have unlimited sodas during the entire trip. During breakfast, apple and orange juice is provided at no extra charge. Drinks that you can have at all times, for free, include: water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Massages, nail salons, and hair treatments are not included. Bring extra cash for the casino, shopping on the ship and at your ports, any excursions you might be interested in, and art auctions.

During the formal night of the trip there will be photographers taking pictures everywhere. Pictures will be taken on most nights during dinner and when you are leaving to explore at the ports. Those pictures are developed and can be purchased at the end of the trip.

Seattle Coffee is on board this ship. If you would like any other specialty coffee drinks you can also make purchases. There is a huge selection of coffee drinks available to choose from.

An internet connection is not available without a fee. If you need to go online, you will need to pre-pay for your minutes. The minutes used will automatically be deducted each time you log on.

Be prepared to pay for some things on the trip. However there are many things that you do not have to pay a cent to use because it already included during your vacation.

Source by Amy L. Moore

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