August 15, 2018

How to Avoid Long Lines in Walt Disney World

Avoiding long lines in Walt Disney World can be quite difficult task. Disney World is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, and the most popular theme park in the world. Every year, about 25 million tourists visit this resort, so the park can get packed, and the lines for rides can become quite long. Some planning must be done in advance, to avoid long lines in Walt Disney World.

1. Choosing the right season of the year is very important. The park is very crowded in late December, from mid June to mid August, and from mid February to mid April. That's when the children are on break from school, and it is basically the least busy in the school season especially the first week of January.

2.Selecting the day of the week can also affect the lines' waiting time. The busiest day of the week is usually Tuesday with Friday, Saturday and Sunday being the least busy.

3. Riding the most popular attractions early in the morning is another good way to avoid long lines in Walt Disney World, because many people like to sleep in on their holiday. Also the park tend to get emptier later in the day after 4:00 pm.

4. Many popular attractions at Walt Disney World offer FastPass, which allows park visitors to get a special ticket that allows them to return at a scheduled time and get on the ride with a very little wait.

5. Do not follow the crowd. When the park's gate opens the majority of visitors tend to go to the right and walk around the park counterclockwise, choose the opposite direction and head to the left instead.

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