August 17, 2018

Freightliner Trucks – Run Smart – They'll Wish They Were You!

When you see a Freightliner on the road or drive it yourself you really understand the tagline, 'Run Smart', that goes with these spectacular trucks and accessories. Freightliner is the leading producer of medium and heavy duty trucks, commercial vehicles from classes 5 through 8, customized chassis and semi truck accessories.

Freightliner trucks have a rich heritage that can be traced back to as early as the 1930s, when Consolidated Freightways realized the lack of powerful heavy trucks that could negotiate the mountainous roads in the Western part of the US and decided to build trucks known as' freightliners '. In 1981 Mercedes-Benz bought the truck manufacturing business from Consolidated Freightways, while the lighter focussed on traditional trucking business. Today the company is owned by Daimler-Chrylser and its logo also appears on the Sprinter or the Class 2 Merendes-Benz van that is sold through its dealer network. The company is also a leader in the school bus, diesel Class A recreational vehicle chassis, and walk-in van markets.

The Merecedes-Benz Sprinter is a tall delivery van, pick up truck and mini bus and essentially caters to corporate clients rather than private users. Companies such as Microsoft are using Sprinters as campus shuttle buses, while companies like DHL and FedEx are drawn to it because of its aerodynamic design that adds to its speed and fuel efficiency. These trucks are designed well and to run smart but they also cater to the comfort of the driver. When you buy or drive a Freightliner truck you are assured of its service. The intensive network of dealers allows trucks to remain stress free about the service, spare parts and maintenance. This combined with its constant customer support and warranties and financing options make it the best choice.

The 'Excelerator' program guarantees truckers break down assistance and offers options such as pay-as-you-go with credit cards and special services for preferred members of the program. Alliance parts, accessories and components are available at reasonable prices with every dealer in the North America and make maintenance of the trucks easier.

Freightliner trucks such as the Classic XL, Argosy, Coronado and Century class are featured on Rig 'n' Roll, a trucking simulation game, set in the future in California 2024. The game explores the exciting aspects of hauling loads in the smart and sleek trucks. It features various modes such as racing, missions, regular truck driving and cruising. The game attempts to capture the thrill and satisfaction of driving a big rig semi truck.

Due to their diverse design structures, Freightliner trucks can be used by businesses big or small, for many purposes and vocations. From hauling heavy loads, as transportation for businesses that need to move fast such courier service to school buses and converted mini homes. Freightliner is a name that is trusted by thousands of trucks in the US and also across the globe and helps trucks run smart, always.

Source by Michael Ottman

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