August 30, 2018

Scuba Diving: Does It Cost a Fortune?

Scuba diving is an amazing experience and many people dream of doing it but all have the same concern: how much does it cost? This question requires many factors to be considered. The scuba diving tours themselves are not very expensive and many tours have very reasonable prices, but the initial startup cost can vary based on training classes and equipment needs. Several factors must be weighed when considering the cost of scuba diving, including the cost of training classes, the fees for equipment rental or the price of purchasing your own equipment and even the cost of the tour itself.

The Cost of Classes

This is where the cost of scuba diving starts to come into play. Training classes consist of several segments, including coursework, pool work and open water diving (and more). In order to be certified you must complete at least four of the training courses. While not all prices are the same, depending on where you take your classes, you can safely expect to pay between $ 200 to $ 300 for coursework and pool work, as well as $ 150 to $ 300 for the dividend portion of your training courses. In total, you will spend an estimated $ 350 to $ 600 to get certified.

Some dive tours also require that a diver who has not been on a dive in a two year period take a refresher course that can cost $ 25 to $ 50.

Equipment and Boat Dives

Here is where the real money comes into play: equipment. Scuba diving equipment is not very cheap and often times it is best to rent the equipment on a tour rather than purchase your own. However, for people who wish to purchase their own equipment you will end up spending anywhere from $ 720 to $ 2,050 depending on the equipment you purchase. This does not include the price of scuba weights which can cost $ 5 to $ 20 each. To rent a complete set of dive gear, it is much cheaper as it will only cost, roughly, $ 50 to $ 100 per dive (ideal for those who only live once or twice a year).

Many tours offer different prices for boat dives. Generally speaking, based on location and the tour operator, you will end up spending $ 75 to $ 150 for a basic two-tank dive. These dives last several hours and many tours offer more intensive excursions which will go up in cost from there.

There are additional expenses you need to consider before going scuba diving, such as traveling expenses and even diving insurance. While not required, many people would recommend diving insurance in case of unforeseen accidents.

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