September 1, 2018

A Hoteliers' Guide To Catering For Golf Loving Guests

If you run a hotel and your guests play golf for business or leisure and need to practice while they are enjoying their stay with you, then you will probably have thought about providing them with some sort of indoor golf training aid at some point.

How often have your golfer guests been unable to get out to practice because of bad weather or lack of time between business meetings or sightseeing? If you would like to help your guests practice, safely and effectively, in the comfort of their room without a substantial investment in one of those budget-consuming golf simulators then look at something smaller scale. But take care with your selection!

Look for an indoor golf system that gives instant swing feedback, because any golfer will state that practice is pointless without feedback. Make sure the product can be set up in just a few minutes and used perfectly safely indoors in a confined space such as a hotel room or suite, and that it actually allows full swing shots to be taken. Otherwise there is no true benefit for the guest that needs to practice their golf.

If the indoor golf swing training aid allows guests to safely practice their golf swing in the privacy of their room and get instant feedback to help improve their game then it will be a highly appreciated added extra that could even mean the difference between a guest choosing your hotel over a competitor.

Once you have purchased your indoor golf product you can hire it to guests to use in their rooms or offer it to businesses as an ice-breaking golf competition as part of your event-hire package. However you use it, you are sure to find it advantageous to your hotel as a guest relationship and marketing tool.

Source by Paul Thornley

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