September 1, 2018

Tips on Planning a Corporate Event

Planning a huge corporate event is a daunting task. Whether an employee was just assigned it for the first time, or they are the company's official event planner, it is never easy to throw the perfect event. There are a few basic tips to follow when planning an event. No matter what the situation, it can be more beneficial to hire professional corporate event planners.

First, there needs to be a theme. This will set the tone of the event and give a planner a starting point when picking the food, music, decor, and more. It must be appropriate for the crowd that will be in attendance. A planning company can give great advice on an appropriate theme, and can take off with the rest of the event planning once a theme is giving.

A preliminary budget must be set. Determine how much can be spent on food, entertainment, rentals, and other additions. Compare this price to a professional planning company's fees. If a pro company can fit into the company budget, it will be much easier and cheaper to go through the company as opposed to handling little details individually.

Appointments must be made to view locations and meet vendors if the planner does not hire a professional planning company. Rental costs must be discussed, along with what is included in the fees. Figure out the hours available with the rental and when a team can come in to set up decor and other things like food and music.

Figure out if the venue provides a caterer. If not, meet with caterers. Some venues require the clients to bring in outside security. This prevails liability and party crashers. A licensed bartender needs to be hired if the venue does not provide one. Find out if any decorations are supplied or if others must be provided. The same goes for plates, cups, and silverware.

Finalize a menu and determine the timing and manner of serving. This means choosing between a buffet and a plated meal. This also means choosing an appetizer or dessert bar. Exact details and timing need to be figured out. Contracts need to be signed with the caterer and other vendors involved in the event. Make sure a copy is received for company files.

After all the vendors are chosen, a to-do list must be made. Details that are time sensitive must be put on this list, such as buying decorations that match the theme and sending out invitations in a timely manner. Create a countdown and stay on top of the details. The week before, the list needs to be attached to the hand and triple checked.

There are many tiny details that are easy to forget. It can also be hard to manage the event when in attendance. Taking on event planning is very stressful and can take away from employee's work. This is why hiring an event planner that does corporate events professionally can be a huge time saver and stress reliever.

A professional planning company knows every detail that needs to be accomplished. They are experienced in crisis management so any last minute problems that arise can be easily rectified. When an employee has to plan, these problems can be hard to resolve in a timely manner.

Another huge benefit of a professional company is their contacts. Finding vendors that do not have hidden charges or missing services can be tricky. Booking them on the same day can also be difficult. Professional event planners will have a rolodex of contacts. They will make sure all areas are covered with these vendors and can also get businesses a cheaper rental rate.

Source by James Garry

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