September 1, 2018

Tour Guide Business – An Easy Business to Get Off the Ground and a Nice Service For Local Businesses

If you live in an area that gets some tourist activity, even if it is only seasonal you may be able to open up your own tourist guide business. It is inexpensive to start a boatload of fun and can make you some decent money.

If you have ever traveled into a strange area and wanted to find out what was there to do you probably had the same problem I have and that is you just do not know we ask about the local area. That is where a tourist guide business comes in handy.

Of course if you are going to be a tourist guide you need to know some of the history of the area as well as the hotspots and the things to do for people of all ages. You will encounter young and old alike looking for something to do as they peruse your area.

You also want to have a person who likes people because, by golly, you will do more talking than listening. Tour operators typically work hand-in-hand with travel agents, the Chamber of Commerce, local entertainment venues and of course the restaurants in the area.

Setting up your business you will need to have several different types of tours available to meet your varied client base. You can easily have four or five options and very possibly have clients take more than one tour. The easiest way to make the different tours available is to put them down on paper in brochure form.

Let us say you have four different tours. You would put two tours on one brochure and two on the other. Your best bet would be to mix and match and have an older tour brochure and a tour brochure those traveling with children. That way your clients would have options to take tour A or tour B as opposed to taking a tour or not taking a tour. That little method will increase your sales easily.

As a person that owns your own tourist guide business unit also sell ancillary items such as local maps, key chains and hats, T-shirts and also partner with local businesses for coupon books. The tourist guide business is a whole lot more than just walking around taking in the sights and sounds.

Source by Will Stone

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