September 2, 2018

Keep Your Wines Chilled with Wine Bottle Coolers

Nothing tastes better than a boiled glass of wine. Wine is a beverage that suits almost all occasions- whether it be a celebration, or a romantic dinner- each time, a bottle of wine holds a different meaning. This is why it is important to serve this divine drink at the right temperature, to savor it's unique taste. A Wine Bottle Cooler can help you do just that!

A Wine Bottle Cooler, essentially, is a small table top unit that quickly chills a single bottle. These coolers are useful for obtaining the correct serving temperature particularly in warmer climates. This style of wine cooler is more appropriate for white, rosé or sparkling wines which are typically served chilled.

Typically, a Wine Bottle Chiller comes with a digital temperature control and a thermostat, which regulates the temperature. Many wine lovers who have wine cellars also get custom made wine coolers to complement the décor and look of their cellar. These are made as per the preferences of the customer. However, it must be noted that custom made coolers are generally highly priced.

Wine aficionados know the importance of serving wine at the right temperature, which is 7 ° C for non vintage sparkling wines, and 18 ° C for vintage port wines, from ultra chilled dry wines to letting a more fruity wine run at just a bit below room temperature. The best Wine Coolers give a wine bottle its own specialized temperature setting. As you can see, different types really do need to be served at different temperatures. In order to help these wines reach their appropriate temperatures before pouring them for yourself or your guests, it is helpful to have good Wine Bottle Coolers available for you to use.

These coolers range from small, tabletop units, to hand held totes that are used for carrying chilled wine. Regardless of the model or type you purchase, you should know that they are made of neoprene, vinyl or double-walled glass, plastic, metal or any other type of insulated material.

Whenever you are purchasing a Wine Chiller, make sure that you check out the features such as volume, capacity and energy efficiency. Some coolers even come with digital or electronic controls so that temperatures can be set precisely. Ice buckets can leave a drippy mess, but you can raise or lower the temperature at which your Wine Bottle is kept to the exact degree with the Digital Wine Bottle Cooler. These Table Top Wine Coolers cost much less than the large refrigerated units that bars and restaurants use. And these units can generally do the job for a host who simply wants to make sure that the bottle of wine that is being served at dinner is chilled just right.

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