September 2, 2018

What Are the Top 5 Major Car Companies?

Most car buyers usually prefer to purchase the car models produced by one of the major car companies in the world. This is because the vehicles produced by these companies are considered reliable. In addition to this, the vehicles sold by the world's major car companies were provided with the needed safety features to keep their occupants safe in the event of collisions or accidents. In case you are planning to purchase a new vehicle and you do not have an idea about the major car companies, try to consider buying a vehicle model produced by any of the following.

1. Toyota

The Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan is currently considered as the world's largest carmaker in terms of production. As of 2010, Toyota employs about 317,734 individuals worldwide and operates in the automotive markets of Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. The company is into the production of different types of vehicles such as the sedans, SUVs, and minivans.

Aside from its extensive operations worldwide, the company is also popular for initiating a lot of efforts in producing the best car models in the market. In addition to this, Toyota is also committed in preserving the natural environment by producing vehicles with impressive fuel economy and less gas emissions. Although Toyota was confronted by a lot vehicle recall issues in the previous years, the company was able to correct the defects of its vehicle models covered by the recall order.

As of the present, the company continues to explore the possibilities of producing more eco-friendly vehicle models. This effort was probably inspired by the success of the Prius hybrid. This model still remains as the most fuel-efficient model in its class. Due to the model's success, Toyota has introduced two more versions of the Prius and this includes the Prius "v" and Prius "c".

2. General Motors

General Motors ranks as the second largest car maker in the world. This company is currently based in Detroit, Michigan and operates in almost 157 countries worldwide. As of 2010, General Motors has a total of 209,000 employees and these individuals were basically responsible for the company's smooth sailing operation.

In addition to this, General Motors is also responsible for making sure that the production of its Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC is doing well. General Motors' ownership of these brands was also one of the most significant reasons why the company's operation is quite extensive. Since each of the brands is producing their own vehicle models, the company's total annual production depends on their individual outputs. Due to these, General Motors must constantly monitor the all of the brands' production rate as well as their capacity to handle the demands for their vehicles.

3. Volkswagen Group

The Volkswagen Group from Germany was recently recognized as the third major car maker in the world. This is because the German car-maker's production in several markets has improved for the past few years. In addition to this, the demand for VW vehicles such as the Jetta, Golf, and the Beetle in the US has significantly improved and this was probably due to the upgrades that the company has implemented on the models provided earlier.

4. Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company is probably the fastest growing car maker in the US and in other parts of the world since it was able to improve its sales record for this year. Aside from that, Hyundai was also recognized as the fourth-major car company for this year.

Hyundai's rise as one of the major car companies in the world was thought about by its gradual revisions of its vehicles' exterior design. Instead of using odd designs and less attractive external layout, Hyundai engineers and designers have changed the way their vehicles look like. As a result, the company's car models became more attractive to buyers

5. Ford

Ford Car Motor Company is recently included on the top 5 major car companies and the company occupations the fifth spot. Ford was previously viewed as the most significant car maker in the US and the rest of the world as well as the largest but the company has failed to maintain this. Ford's decline as a leading car maker was triggered by the internal differences among its leaders.

Fortunately, Ford was able to get its operations back on track. This company is currently hanging on the sales of its popular models such as the Focus, Fiesta, and Transit Connect to boost its sales. Aside from this, Ford is also doing its best to keep up with the competition posed by some of its closest rivals by improving the features of the vehicles that they are producing.

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