September 2, 2018

Why It's Important to Leave Work at Work – For the Sake of Keeping Your Productivity

When you get home from work, it can be tempting to do a little extra work at home. You might be tempted to check your work email just out of curiosity or see if there's anything urgent. Or you might think about the problems you're solving at work.

But when you do that, you're not really recharging your energy from work. You're not fully resting or relaxing. You're still working (and not being paid for it either). This hurts your long-term productivity because you end up working long hours.

The 40-hour workweek was popularized by Henry Ford in 1926. Henry Ford carried out experiences that showed total worker output increased when decreasing the workday from 10 hours to 8 hours and the workweek from 6 days to 5 days.

So when you work long hours by not leaving work at work, you're actually hurting your productivity.

In a report titled "Scheduled Overtime Effect on Construction Projects" published by The Business Roundtable, it states, "Where a work schedule of 60 or more hours per week is continued longer than about two months, the cumulative effect of reduced productivity will cause a delay in the completion date beyond that which could have been realized with the same crew size on a 40-hour week. "

So when you work long hours over the long-term, your productivity gradually drops lower and lower. If you have a habit of regularly doing extra work at home and not leaving work at work, you may be working longer hours without realizing it. It's better to leave work at work.

When you're relaxing, fully relax and take your mind completely off of work. Do not check your work email at home. And do not think about what you'll do for your next workday. Put your full attention on the activity you're doing or on the people you're spending time with. If you're spending time with your family, give your family your full attention. And do not think about work.

Source by Francis Lui

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