September 3, 2018

"I Want to Start a Truckwash, But I've Never Even Washed a Truck," He Said

Before retirement, used to be the truck wash business, that is to say we ran truck washes, and hundreds of mobile carwash trucks around the country cleaning fleets of vehicles. Perhaps, for this reason many people contact me when they want to start their own truck washing business of some type. And just the other day I got a very interesting e-mail from someone in Louisiana who wanted to start a truck wash, because they saw something on the Discovery Channel about the need for truck drivers finding a place to park at night, due to the new hours of operation rules were truck drivers.

He reasons that the city which he lived in was a good place for a truck wash, because it was between two other cities, both of them fairly large in his state. He thought it would be a good place for truck drivers to rest and relax, and also it was near a river where water was plentiful. There was sufficient labor supply in his city, so he thought a truck wash business would be good, and he noticed the number of dirty trucks passing through on the freeway.

Indeed, I asked him what he knew about the trucking industry, and he knew nothing, he'd never driven a truck, he'd never participated in the industry, and all he knew was what he saw something on the Discovery Channel whichave him the idea. He wanted to become an entrepreneur in the truck washing sector, but it never actually ever washed a truck, he did not know a thing about it. Should this person go into business for himself and invest a half $ 1 million or more in putting together a truck wash?

Indeed, when he contacted me he said; "I would like to start a truck wash, but I have never washed a truck, but I think it might be a very good idea, and I know just the place along the freeway here in the city that I live in." Well, that's all nice and good, and he did contact me, so I felt obliged to answer his question. First of all I disagree that it should be in this business at all, and I think it's rather silly for him to consider this without more information.

Yes, I am a good place and a good source of information on this topic, but there is more information he needs to do, such as find out how and what the competition is like near him in the cities below and above the town he lives in, because those are big truck hubs. If you are going to contact an expert in whatever field of endeavor that you plan on starting a business, perhaps you need to do more research, and not waste their time. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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