September 3, 2018

Why You Should Buy a Portable Mini Golf Course For Your Party Rental Business

When the economy is bad, a smart business proprietor knows that he needs to respond to clients desires if he hopes to keep his business expanding. What does this mean to a party rental business owner? It quite simply means that he has to offer goods that fit his clients needs AND his spending budget. A portable mini golf course is an outstanding way to do this!

One of the largest reasons for loss of sales in 2009 was corporate event budget cuts. When you're laying off staff you normally tend to eliminate company picnics, holiday parties and huge customer appreciation parties. But, most corporate employers understand that they still have to do something to keep morale up and this is where your portable miniature golf course can come in.
Even though the company picnic could be out this year, there will still be team building activities and conferences where the workers need some relaxation time. A mini golf course is a fairly easy way to offer this and still stay within most budgets. Particularly when you provide 1 hole, 3 hole or 9 hole packages.

The negative aspect of portable mini golf courses was once that they were not really all that transportable. Yes, they came on carts with wheels but even the aluminum ones were heavy and required a bare minimum of two people and a number of hours for set up. And they were darned expensive.

With the innovation of the new sealed airframe mini golf course, ALL the problems of renting a portable mini golf course are resolved. These new courses are versatile in terms of layout and obstacles, each hole sets up in about 3 minutes AND the costs are amazingly inexpensive. There's no pressure to buy 9 holes. Basically, you can begin with just one (although most companies seem to be starting with three).

Almost everyone who is the owner of a TIPPS (Truly Innovative Portable Putting System) is facilitated with the fact that the units can be transported without owning a truck or trailer.

Although a corporate event is a fantastic place for your new mini golf course, that certainly is not the only place you'll be renting it. Consider:

• Fundraising
• Store Openings
• Backyard Birthday Parties
• Block Parties
• Church Youth Leagues
• College Events
• Trade Shows

And these are just a few. Once you've added a sealed airframe mini golf course to your rental stock, you will have a product that is not just popular, but can be used at essentially EVERY type of event and will fit into most budgets.

What more could party rental business owner ask for!

Source by Cheryl Pierce

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