September 4, 2018

Six Flags' Most Popular Roller Coasters

Nearly all thrill seekers love a good roller coaster. And, there's no better place to find a thrilling coaster ride than a Six Flags park. Each of the 15 Six Flags parks is unique, but they share a common vision of bringing the thrill seeker the best there is in roller coaster rides. Each year, Six Flags' coasters travel more than 2.5 million miles. Some of the most popular coasters at Six Flags parks include:

The Riddler's Revenge- Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to the Riddler's Revenge, a stand up roller coaster that boasts speeds of 65 miles per hour and offers two 360ss loops. The coaster stands 156 feet off the ground. The ride is over three minutes long and travels near a mile.

Goliath – Also at Magic Mountain as well as Six Flags over Georgia and Six Flags Fiesta Texas is Goliath, one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters around. It travels more than 85 miles per hour and towers 255 feet off the ground, with a 225 foot underground tunnel.

Batman: The Ride – At Six Flags over Georgia, Great America in Chicago, Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and Six Flags over Texas, you'll find Batman: The Ride, a coaster that's eleven stories tall with two vertical loops and two corkscrews.

Superman: Ultimate Flight – Six Flags over Georgia, Great America and Great Adventure are home to a ride that might just be the closest thing to flying! Superman is a flying coaster that rockets you face first through nearly 3000 feet of track at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour.

Raging Bull – At Six Flags Great America you can simulate the sensation of Pamplona's Running with the Bulls on the Raging Bull roller coaster. This coaster travels at over 70 miles per hour with an initial drop of 65 feet.

Batwing – Another Batman inspired coaster is located at Six Flags America in Baltimore. This coaster is over 11 stories high and also simulates the feel of flying at over 50 miles per hour.

Superman: Ride of Steel – Another Superman inspired coaster can be found at Six Flags New England and at Six Flags America. Superman: Ride of Steel has been named the "best coaster on the planet" by Amusement Today magazine, and was named "best steel coaster" award from Golden Ticket for four years. It stands over 21 stories tall and travels at over 77 miles per hour. This ride is being revamped in 2009 for even more thrills.

Medusa – Six Flags Great Adventure is home to Medusa, the world's first floorless roller coaster. Medusa opened in 2001, and will get a major renovation for 2009 that will make this a multi-sensory experience for the thrill seeker.

Six Flags visitors are never disappointed by the thrills and chills of the roller coasters found at each and every park. When you visit Six Flags this year, do not miss the chance to ride some of the best and most exciting roller coasters in the world.

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Source by Barak Hullman

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