September 8, 2018

How to Set Up a Small Business Credit Card Account

A business credit card allows companies to separate business expenses from personal expenses and makes business transactions easily by phone, via the Internet or in person. The advantage of a business credit is obvious. But what kind of steps should be carried out to be successful? This article will illustrate the steps into detail.

If a company draws the decision to take a small business credit card, the decision must be followed by several other steps.

Firstly, the company must calculate the total amount of revolving credit that it will need.

Secondly, it would be wise to determine how many card the company will need and which employees will require cards.
Thirdly, the company may consider whether it needs a system to help keep track of employees' expenses. Some card issuers offer this type of reporting package along with the card and allow downloading of data to QuickBooks, etc.

Fourthly, an examination of the travel and entertainment needs of the company would be sensible. Does the enterprise need a card that allows it to earn miles and provides special hotel and rental car benefits? Does the enterprise need travel accident insurance?

And finally, one should look for certain features like a low or no annual membership fee, a low interest rate, 24-hour customer service, local branch access, merchant acceptance, overdraft protection and account reports customized for business needs.

On the whole many important steps have to be done and not only these five described here. Neverheless, if the firm carrying out this steps right it could separate business and private expenses and could have a clear view on the whole expenses.

Source by Jack P Chevalier

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