September 9, 2018

Do-It-Yourself Australian Fishing Holidays

Step Number 1 – Float the idea

Make your friends and their partners aware that you are planning a fishing holiday – you need their support and commitment to make it happen.

Step Number 2 – Select the Crew

Great mates in close confines with extended periods of alcohol fueled sleep deprivation, interspersed with flurries of activity can stretch friendships. But it can be so much fun! Choose wisely – I'd recommend limiting numbers to either four or six people.

Step Number 3 – Determine the Venue

The venue will depend on your group's fishing fetish ie freshwater, deep sea, estuary, beach, rock or game fishing.

Step Number 4 – Select the Dates

Work pressures, school holidays, weddings, relatives, children's sporting activities, pregnancies and other inconveniences will make it nearly impossible for you to select an appropriate date. Even if you have to set it twelve months in advance the date is the key to getting everyone committed.

Step Number 5 – Establish a Budget

The budget will determine your accommodation, length of stay, number and nature of fishing expeditions and extras you can package to make the trip special. Tell the crew the trip will cost more than you expect and grab a deposit off everyone to show they are committed.

Step Number 6 – Use a co-conspirator

The planning task can be made easier if you enlist the support and help of one of your crew to bounce ideas off and use as a sanity check.

Step Number 7 – The Exploratory Visit

Check out the available accommodation, golf courses and pubs and clubs for entertainment. Look out for maxi-taxis, restaurants, caf├ęs and pizza joints and unusual near attractions. If chartering a boat or using a guide, try them out while you're in town. Speak to locals and get advice about which one to go with. Use the Internet to investigate the destination.

Step Number 8 – Come up with a Plan

When it comes to fishing holidays you should be seriously organized. Do not wait for things to happen, come up with a daily agenda that outlines some organized activities. Consider a punter's club day, a BBQ somewhere, bushwalking or card and theme nights like an "Ugly Shirt" or a "Funny T-Shirt" night. Include a sports day where you conduct a Pentathlon observing of snooker, darts, pool, golf and a mystery event. Have a prize for the eventual winner.

Step Number 9 – Have some fun Rules

Implement a set of 10 rules for the trip. Kick off a "Kittie" for common grocery items used by all. Have a slave each day that cooks, cleans, get beers for the other participants.

Step Number 10 – Under Promise and Over Deliver

Promise a fishing trip but deliver an experience that your crew will never forget. Try to be under budget and send your mates home with money in their pockets – it's always appreciated.

Source by John Hacking

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