September 10, 2018

How I Started My Own Tour Business For Under $5K

Are you fed-up with your current job? Are you tired of working for someone else & making lots of money for them? Would you rather work for yourself & be your own boss? Would you like to be the one controlling your work-life balance?

Well I know how you feel because that’s exactly how I felt before I made the big decision to start my own Tour business & work for myself. Now there are ways of doing this without costing you a fortune or putting your home at risk. I estimate it cost me about $5K & I will explain how I was able to do it for this low amount. Firstly, I decided that if I was going to start my own business it had to be something that I was passionate about & really enjoyed doing. Next I decided the financial risk had to be low & not put my home or financial security at risk.

Lastly I decided that to be truly happy, I should ideally turn my hobby into my job!

So I decided that what I really, truly would love to do would be to spend as much time as possible driving my BMW X5, & taking happy tourists to some of my favorite local regional towns & destinations. I already had the vehicle, so there was a huge part of the start-up cost already covered. And now the vehicle would be tax deductible as part of my business expenses.

I already had the local knowledge required to be able to provide good quality tourist information to my customers, & I had years of experience as a senior manager in the Retail industry, which is customer service focused. Being a senior manager also provided me with good business acumen to know what it takes to run a successful business. So after consultation with my supportive wife, Lyn, I decided to just go for it!

The learning curve was steep as far as applying for licenses, registering business names, getting the correct insurance, creating a professional website, ordering professional business stationary, & creating a marketing strategy & vision plan for my business.

Whilst it is all hard work, it is just so enjoyable as you know that everything you do is for your own business & your own direct financial gain, which is a fantastic feeling. I have learned so much & with the usual benefit of hind-sight, I would do some things differently next time. This all gives me a lot of experience to advise others now how to go about starting their own small business. It doesn’t have to be a Tour business, as the same principles will apply to any small business start-up.

Source by Danny Atkinson

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