September 12, 2018

Instant Prepaid Credit Card – Fast Approvals

Credit cards are becoming a standard component of nearly every American's wallet. More people are paying with plastic than ever before. Will all the options available on the market today for credit cards, it's important to conduct a little bit of research before making a decision. Not all credit cards are created equally, and in order to make a good decision, a person needs to investigate all the options. A card that may provide a good solution for a number of people is an instant prepaid credit card.

Prepaid credit cards work more like debit cards than credit cards. Whereas a traditional credit cards sets a spending limit and allows users to make purchases up to that limit without an upfront payment (billing is usually done on a thirty-day cycle), prepaid cards work off a "pay-as-you-go" system. Users apply for a card, and then deposit their desired amount of money onto that card. (This process is also known as loading the card.) Then, they can make purchase up to that amount, anywhere the card is accepted worldwide. An instant prepaid credit card is exactly what it sounds like: a prepaid card which offers instant approval, rather than a person waiting for approval, after application.

Instant approval is a great thing for many people in many situations. For someone who is taking a last minute trip, who does not want to carry cash and who does not have time to wait for approval, an instant approval means that the card will be ready for use much quicker than a traditional approval. Anyone who is short on time, such as busy students, parents, or professionals, can certainly appreciate having an answer on their instant prepaid credit card application in minutes, rather than adding one more follow-up item to their to-do list.

The fastest way to apply for an instant card is usually to complete an online application. Obviously, an application that requires the least amount of information will usually generate the fastest answer. Applications that require a credit check or employment verification usually do not offer instant approvals. Credit checks generally are not necessary for prepaid cards, anyway; so a user who's asked to consent to one may wish to find another card for which to apply. Even when time is short, it's still important to conduct a small amount of research for an instant prepaid credit card, even if it's only to find a card with the lowest fee possible.

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