September 12, 2018

Logo T-Shirt Help in Promoting the Young AET Brand While Creating a Sense of Unity Among the Crew

AET, a leading worldwide petroleum shipping company, employs more than 3,000 highly skilled and dedicated people across the world to operate its fleet of 74 tankers. The firm also employs a well-trained seafaring staff for its Galveston-based lighting operations, a highly technical affair by which oil cargo from large ships at sea is moved to smaller vessels more qualified to enter destination ports. AET proudly commands the largest share of the US Gulf lightening market and enjoys the best on-time performance of any US Gulf operator.

To promote its still-young brand and foster a sense of pride and community among its lighter crew, the AET team searched for the perfect workman attire. AET's wanted a quality, logoed t-shirts for its seafaring workers along the Gulf coast. While AET seafarers do own branded uniforms suitable for special occasions, the team wanted to give each employee two or three shirts cost-effective and sturdy enough to withstand the rough and tumble and grit and grime of everyday use.

The team wanted a specific blue color in a cool cotton for workers in high temperature environments. After searching the extensive ePromos catalog, they sent the samples to the shipping company. After touching and seeing various samples, the team extremely chose the Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton T-shirt, color blue.

The high-quality, branded shirts pleased the corporate, crew and customers. They remark on the quality, feel and overall good look of the branded t-shirts. The team is happy that these shirts can create a visual bond and a sense of "togetherness" among the crew and also instil a sense of unity among the new lightening crew. They also have a visual impact on the customers they do business with because they get awed by the quality and look of these shirts.

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