September 25, 2018

Carpool – A Noble Way to Decongest the Indian Road

Even I was surprised until few days back to find these relatively new word called carpool in our present Indian society. However, after little more inquiries and prodding, I got some Details about this word Called carpool. I was so happy to learn about these new Modern and specifically western system of Carpool. Now let me first tell you what carpooling and car sharing?

In simple understanding if you are being given a lift in a car from your home to office and office to home daily at the schedule time, is called Car-pooling. Oh! What a wonderful business scope with social service, community service, and self-entertainment and so on …

Everyday Millions of people criss crossing to & fro One corner of the city to another as they live in one place of the city while their work place is far away in another city. For example in my present understanding, about millions of people are traveling from the east & southern part of Delhi to Gurgaon to their offices everyday. Similar is the case with other part of the city too and in other metro city.

Now imagine the two cases. If one person is having a car and he is traveling from NOIDA to Gurgaon alone in his car and other case is that same person if traveling from his place NOIDA in his car with some more Gurgaon Bound passengers in his car. Therefore, In Later case it is called car-pooling. There are many advantages of this car-pooling. First with the conception of car-pooling, you are Decongesting the Traffic and Road. Secondly, you are helping yourself with some extra money that is charged equally per person as per the total expense of traveling to & fro. Thirdly, you get a good company for traveling so long.

You can put a add in the car pooling portals with your route map and the timing if you wish to be car pooled or also if you would like to car pool someone for your Own help and the help That you do indirectly to your own society.

Carpool is a unique and noble way to help yourself and your society. This carpool conception in India is fast catching up in big metros like in Mumbai, Delhi etc where People do require this car sharing and car-pooling system in order to de-stress the burden on the public infrastructure and the traffic.

Source by Suraj Gupta

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