September 25, 2018

Catch A Few Waves In Taranaki This Summer

Taranaki is located on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand and is home to the world's second most perfect mountain mountain, Mount Taranaki, only met Mount Fuji in Japan. The region is also famous for its natural amphitheater, The Bowl of Brooklands which as seen a multitude of international acts perform over over the years including Sir Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, and UB40 to name a few. The 'Bowl' is part of the Pukekura Park complex which see's another international event held on its grounds each year, WOMAD. The World of Music, Art and Dance sees an influx of international artists as well as visitors to the region. Another event which attracts many visitors is AmeriCARna where American car enthusiasts take part in a series of events and parades in their classic cars much to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

Whilst these events attract many visitors to the region it's the two natural attractions that really draw the crowds – namely the mountain and the sea. Not only does the region boast an iconic mountain but it also has an incredible coastline which offers visitors fantastic scenic views, accommodation choices, family friendly beaches, and of course, locations to surf. Salt water sees to run through the blood of most Taranaki residents who flock to the regions many beaches in just about all weathers to indulge their passion for the water. Surfing as long been a favorite pastime for the region with many children learning to surf from their parents.

The beaches along the coast are easily accessible and there are favorites for each type of requirement – you'll find holiday parks located near beaches that also have slow running rivers such as Urenui and Onaero, North of New Plymouth and Kaupokonui around the coast, making it a safe place for families to holiday, or if you wish to go swimming 'at the beach' you'll find lifeguards protecting swimmers during the summer at beaches such as Fitzroy and East End in New Plymouth, and Oakura about ten minutes south of the city. However, its catching a wave you want to participate in you will not be disappointed with the choice of locations from Mokau about an hour north of New Plymouth, Fitzroy and Back Beach in New Plymouth, and Stent Road, fifteen minutes out of town around the coast. Simply follow Surf Highway around the coast and you may discover your own perfect wave.

Source by David John Smith

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