September 25, 2018

Dive in to the Thoughts of Wonders in the Hong Kong Disney Land

There is no one in the world who does not love fantasy. Dreams are liked by all. So if you want to get into the land of fantasy and wonders then you are very warmly welcomed to the Disneyland of Hong Kong. The place will surely take you back in the era of your childhood where you were busy with the stories of the Alice in the Wonderland.

Hong Kong Disneyland is the place full of daydreams which takes your mind to the high degree of imagination. For Children it is their dream place. You will find here a wide range of adventure and fun for all ages. The amazing slides and shows enhance the worth of this place.

You can enjoy the playful and exciting attractions including the glace of amazing shows and you can even meet your favorite Disney characters. One can imagine the fun and excitement that could be there for your children to watch and meet their heroes in reality.

This is the newest Disneyland in the world and has the glimpse and warmth of the Chinese culture. Right from the entrance of this place you will feel the magic in this place. There are lots of attractions along with many of the Disney friends such as Mickey Mouse and many more. This place with several unique and pretty spots makes you escape from the tiring real world and get into the land of dreams.

The Disney hotels and the delicious Chinese as well as Asian food also tempt the visitors to get in here. The Place will take you to the Disney world were you sure to recall the stories of Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Snow white, Alice in wonderland and many more. Every thing round here is a fairy tail. You can have lots of adventures and fun.

Transportation Facilities
The Disney land is located on Lantau Island close to Hong Kong International Airport; you can take a car, public bus, taxi or a coach.

The opening time is 10:00 to 19:00 in the regular weekdays. On holidays and weekends it is from 10:00 to21: 00.

Ticket Costs
One day tickets for Adults is HK $ 350, for students (12-25) HK $ 350, Children (3 – 11) HK $ 250, and that for Seniors (65 and above) it is HK $ 170. There are different charges for value, deluxe and premium. For the children under three there is no ticket.

So if you want to spend a nice holiday then visit The Hong Kong Disney Land.

Source by Ellen Tyler

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