September 25, 2018

Economical Double Strollers – And Save the Money For the Twins!

So you are having twins (nice going!) And you need a double stroller. Or maybe you have two young kids who need a stroller ride at the same time. Two times the amount of a normal newborn's needs obviously is what you need now! You also are going to need a whole lot of everything else. So why spend a small fortune on the stroller as well? In this article, I'll take a look at some of the most economic double stroller options available right now.

Up first is the line from Joovy. The Caboose 2009 Tandem Stroller is at a number of retailers for under two hundred dollars. It has one large bench which can seat two toddlers side-by-side. The wheels are plastic versus air-filled. One interesting feature is the back platform behind the seating position which allows a child to stand up. Honestly, I'm not sure why exactly this is a really undesired feature. But it is on there for you to use as your kids may see fit. It has a car seat adapter which is compatible with almost all brands' car seats. A storage basket and child tray with cup holders are some more features which round out this unit. It also has a nice removable canopy that can be adjusted to a range of different positions. The quality is really pretty decent. Does it stack up to the more expensive brands – not really. But for this price point, there's a lot of value to be had.

Graco is another brand that is a popular choice. The Graco DuoRider model is going for about $ 160 at many online shops. This model also has a side-by-side seating arrangement. The seats recline slowly and there are arm bars much like on a roller coaster ride. This model has a very large set of cargo baskets underneath the seat to tote around all your beloveds. The wheels are a bit on the small side and are plastic. You are not going to get the cushioned suspension ride with these stroller types as that is one of the cost-saving points. So there will be a rougher ride and a bit more work in pushing these than some of the higher priced sets. But again, you are still getting all the features you need. It is just a matter of the extras, the padding, the comfort level between the ranges. These double strollers will do the job very effectively and safely and get you and your twins from Point A to Point B.

Once again, it's crucial to test these strollers out for yourself. Go to retailers and check out all the pictures and features for yourself. Push these actual models. That's the best way to get the natural feel for the push and ride of each unit to see if it fits with what you are looking for.

Source by Ashley Coe

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