September 25, 2018

Safest Practices When You're Out in a Boat

Boating is a lot of fun and a great way to spend an afternoon. To really enjoy your time for the water, it's important to use safe practices and carry emergency equipment. Items such as life jackets, VHF marine radios and dry powder fire extinguishers can save your life. There are plenty of places that have life sheaths for sale. For specialized marine equipment like a VHF marine radio, you'll want to find a marine outfitter. A dry powder fire extinguisher can be found in a marine store as well as other specialized safety stores.

Flotation Devices – Inflatable life-jackets

Life jackets as the RNLI say are "useless without worn" and are an excellent safety item to carry when at sea. Make sure you know how to put on your life jacket and operate it in the case of an emergency. Check your inflatable life jackets prior to sailing to make sure they are full prepared and ready to go if they are the CO2 inflation type of jacket. They have a great range of life jackets for both adults and children. They also provision for life jackets as well life sheaths.

Communication in the Event There is an Emergency

If you go boating on your own, make sure you let someone know when you're leaving and where you plan to go. Take a mobile phone, personal locator beacon or VHF marine radio with you. If something should go wrong while you're out boating, having a meaning of communication is key. A VHF marine radio makes it possible for you to get relevant information and also call for assistance if necessary. For example, if there is an incoming storm, you'll be informed by information given from the VHF marine radio. If there are a lot of vessels in the water or the water is rough, you can communicate back and forth with fellow boats ensuring you do not collide.

Dry Powder Extinguisher In the Event of a Fire On-board

If your boat has either an engine or some kind of cooking appliances on board, it's important to have a dry powder extinguisher on board. A fire can be extremely dangerous on a boat, especially if there is propane or gas on board. Being able to extinguish a fire immediately will save your life. Make sure to install your dry powder extinguisher in a convenient space where anyone can get to it.

You may need assistance to choose the best alternatives for your boat. A specialized marine safety supplier will have life sheaths for sale. They will have a variety of dry powder extinguishers that will suit you. They will also sell VHF marine radios.

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