October 11, 2018

Already Love Your Work?


No matter how much you love your work, ADD symptoms can derail you and can turn an awesome situation into a nightmare. I just read an article that listed ways to manage ADD at work. I thought I would put my spin on it, particularly if you LOVE what you do.

As I have written in the past, if you are in unhappy in your job, your symptoms get magnified perhaps hundreds of times over. The results can be disastrous. A minor scrape with a co-worker becomes a full blown issue and creates more unhappiness and havoc on the job. A simple request from a manager can cause resentment and emotional upheaval. Distractions, big or small, become overwhelming and cause procrastination on even the most basic tasks.

Now, assume that you actually enjoy your job and want to continue and manage your typical ADD symptoms that can derail us no matter what our mood, attitude or level of enjoyment on the job.

1. Stop and Think Clarity Before You Speak

Ask questions to understand your assignment fully. Repeat directions that you are given to make sure you have heard them correctly. Ask for specific deadlines so you know that what is being asked is really doable. If not, address the issue immediately. Do not wait until it is too late and you are forced to bring work home. If you are a manager, remember to let the person/employee know you have a request or project and find out what his/her priorities are. Say exactly when you expect the task to be completed (a time frame helps).

2. Letting Go of Procrastination

On tasks, no matter if you are the boss or working for someone else, use bullets to make them easy to accomplish and get ’em done. I just did this… Just now!

3. Quick Calls v. Sharing your Story

Aren’t phone conversations the easiest way to procrastinate? Just get us started, right? Give yourself a time boundary like five minutes – seven tops. Let your caller or who you call know that you just want to touch bases. They will understand and know – now it is important for YOU to stick with that. It might take a few times to get the hang of it.

4. Time Management Confusion – One Method at a Time

Keep this one very very simple. By using only ONE system for work and home, it keeps confusion to a minimum. I use my Google Calendar that automatically adds appointments in my iPhone email. Some folks do better with physical calendars. If you are so inclined, use that! The one thing I have that saves me every time is a hook for my keys. It might be time to add a few more hooks for other things.

5. The D Word – Delegation

Perfectionists beware. This might take a while to get the hang of. Let others do some of the work – particularly the work you don’t love to do. It is an art. You can barter. Use the Contrast exercise – get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side list all the things you need help with or could delegate – on the other side put who can help you or what action you can take to take some of the stress off your plate for each one. This is a skill that, again, takes time to learn.

6. Keep Your Private Life Private

This is HUGE. How many times have you heard yourself saying why did I tell him/her that? There is no reason to talk about what is going at home to your co-workers – it is one way to dis-empower yourself in the work place. Next time you feel the need to say something, think about how that information might impact others. It is also another… you got it… Procrastination tactic! Remember I am saying this to myself as well.

7. Let Your Work Stay at Work

Generally speaking, if you can’t get things done at work, it is because you have not done much of the above items. Have the intention of leaving your work at the job. When you bring it home, it impacts the rest of your life. It takes practice. Try the steps above and see what happens and how much time opens up for you to complete what needs to get done at work.

8. Take Care of You – Self-Care is King (or Queen)

Without your mental, emotional and physical health, doing the job you love can take a toll. Of course that’s true of anything. Take a vacation. Please meditate. Journal and enjoy life. Focus on what you love to do outside of work. Breathe.

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