October 11, 2018

Customer Service – The Lost and Dying Art – Part I

Customer service seems to be dying on the vine as more and more companies are moving to automated and outsourced models versus the live versions that have been the norm for the last 75 years.

The problem today is that it seems to be taking a back burner in many organizations these days. Customer service (CS), can get overlooked and left unchecked will get out of hand, unless you monitor what is happening daily. Personal experience over the last 10 years along with several case studies has proven to me that many businesses, both large and small, just do not care or want to care. They've thrown out the baby with the bath water and are just looking at the front end. In many industries, CS is slowly but surely becoming an endangered species.

This is where you can turn customer service into a sales and customer retention machine. Not a literal machine, but a department or part of your small business that is bridging the gap from time of transaction to the next transaction.

As a small business owner, if you are investing in advertising and marketing on a frequent basis, then you have a client acquisition cost or what we refer to as CAC. What this means is that each and every client you acquire has a cost attached to it. It could be a dollar or maybe even twenty-five dollars. No matter, you need to maximize the return on your investment in marketing and with customer service you can do just that, if the proper procedures and training are set in place.

How can you turn your customer service into a sales machine? First ask yourself these questions:

1. Is your CS department helping or hurting your business?

2. Do you value the service side of your business or is it something you just deal with on a daily basis?

3. Are you developing new ways to increase customer retention or does the thought of this just give you an upset stomach?

4. Are you ready to make your customer service more efficient and drive additional sales or are you content and not willing to change?

Answer the questions above and then you can make the necessary changes, and turn your service after the sale into profits for your business. In our next series on customer service we'll share what you can do to make your customer service shine and glow while increasing sales and profits.

Source by Dave Krygier

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