October 11, 2018

Electric Oil Diffuser – Spa Experience Without The Spa Price

There are so many new aromatherapy products coming out every month that it's difficult to manage them. Most are just small changes on or rehashes of existing products, 2nd rate wannabees. But one or two look very promising. Among the best ways to identify good products is as simple as high user acceptance. In the product area of ​​essential oil diffusers, one that's looking fantastic and also very effective is the electric oil diffuser.

This valuable product is the best way I have found to disperse herbal essences throughout a room and create a relaxing, calm, spa like environment. Exactly what the electric oil diffuser does so well that it's growing in user acceptance is (1) It is very simple to operate. And (2) It requires very little oil to operate ..

There are no less than three distinct benefits which set the electric oil diffuser above and beyond the other types of aromatherapy diffusers out there. Those 3 unique and useful features are easy to use unit, Built in timer settings and it uses air instead of heat to disperse essential oils into a room. Let's discuss all of those characteristics, in turn.


It is very simple to operate. you simply fill the unit with water (min and max amounts are usually specified) add a few drops of an essential oil and you are set. One simply then connects the electrical cord to the unit, and the other end to a power outlet. There is a power button to turn the unit on, and a timer button, as well as a tiny knob to regulate the amount of diffusion power in most cases.

The timer button usually has 5 settings, which include having the machine on non-stop, having the machine on for a couple of hours, and other intermittent settings. At any point of course, the user can turn off the unit. I found this to be especially useful, as the unit can provide a full aromatherapy experience for a specific set of time, or a delicate all day, lasting experience.

Now here's the big one. Most diffusers use heating elements or open flame to brake down the molecules of the essential oils for disbursement. However, an electric oil diffuser uses cool air generated by an tiny compressor to disperse aromatic effervescence into the room. Heat can destroy the essential oil. By using this cold air process, not only will you get the full effect you desire, you will also not use much in the process. A single teaspoon can fill a room for two weeks.

For the negative side

The main negative aspect to the electric oil diffuser that I have found is most units tend to vibrate and they emit a low-moderate noise level. I have overcome this however by placing a linen or towel under the unit.

In the final analysis, the electric oil diffuser looks to be an excellent product, full of superior features as well as growing popularity. If you expect you'll be active in its area of ​​application, it could be smart to take a closer look at it and possibly give it a try. A large number of happy clients have to be onto something good.

Source by Shannon Antonio Clark

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