October 11, 2018

The Timeline From Facebook: Best Features

Recently Facebook launched a new feature named Timeline. The timeline feature makes the profile page of a user just like a scrapbook. The profile view and navigation have been enhanced to a whole new level. The implementation of the application has been kept so simple that all types of users can easily understand it and work their way through it. The best part of this feature is that it however makes any changes in the existing privacy settings nor does it modifies the existing data of the user in any form. It just changes the way information is presented. The page features an 849 by 312 pixel cover image that stands out very very boldly. Businesses can make good usage of this cover page for marketing themselves.

The top features of Timeline:

The Navigation of the profile page: The profile page (now the timeline) provides great navigation features. The user can simply scroll down and all the past posts will be presented in a timely order. Timeline has a large cover picture on the top with the profile image on the left hand bottom corner of the cover picture. The update info link, activity log link and a view setting link are positioned just below the cover picture in big buttons. A small and most relevant info of the user is presented just below the profile picture. Friends, photos, map, likes and many other features are presented in a very neat and easily viewable manner. User can update his status and can view all the past activities on his profile in a timely fashion. As the user scrolls down, the timeline that is represented like a line graph with date marks in the right hand side of the page starts to move down from now to born position.

Add you past stories: Users can easily add their past stories in the timeline. Just navigate to the year in the timeline where you want to add your story and you will find links to add information there. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and start from the born position. Add pictures, stories and comments for the same. You can relive all the past memories once again and talk about them with your friends and dear ones. The process is very simple and very impressive.

Attractive cover and image dashboard: The most prominent and visibly attractive feature of Facebook timeline is 849 by 312 pixel cover picture space. Users would really love this visibly prominent space for flaunting the images of their choice. Moreover, Businesses can make good use of this space for marketing purposes.

The security and privacy is preserved: Facebook has done an exceptionally great job with the new timeline feature. Users were a little skeptical about the effect of timeline on their privacy and security settings but it has been confirmed that the privacy settings of user are maintained as they were earlier. Not even the stored data of the user is manipulated in any form so maintaining the security of user's information.

Businesses can make the most out of this new feature by creating a highly attractive and informative profile page. They can utilize the cover section for showcasing their most important events and products. They can also hire designers from a web development company and procure high quality images according to the size of cover space. The new timeline feature is really addictive once you start using it.

Source by Chris T Miller

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