October 12, 2018

Can an Electric Bicycle Replace Your Car?

When Ford introduced his innovative idea of ​​creating a four wheel car running on a motor and mass producing it so that he could sell it to the world, many people were skeptical about this idea and thought that he was not going to be successful selling those moving boxes. One of their arguments were that cars would be too expensive than people could afford but they were all wrong as Ford Model T car was sold to more than 15 million people worldwide. I think the electric bicycle industry is facing the same opposition as Ford did.

In China, there are more than 80 million bikes on the streets as people prefer to ride a bike instead of driving a car mainly because of bicycle's economic and environmental advantages. China is the second largest economy in the world and if all those people from their country can adopt electric bikes as their daily form of transportation then we also in the US can follow this same route.

Most of us do not work more than 20 miles away from our house and most electric bike battery life per charge excludes 20 miles and can go on average 15 miles an hour as in the case of the EZIP Via Lento electric bike which also has a 450W motor.

We, Americans overuse our cars. Going to our friend's house down the streets does require driving a car, this is wasteful consumption of fuel. Riding our bike is more fuel efficient and more relaxing while enjoying the outdoor. So from my point of view, I think electric bicycle can replace many people's car since it has already replace mine.

Source by Jeff Jean

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