October 12, 2018

Underwear Matters – Defy The Lines

There are so many beautiful women out there of all skin types, tones & sizes. We each have our own individuality that makes us unique. Some are good at business, some at baking, others at charity, maybe, and then you have those who focus in on fashion and creativity. But regardless of what you do, we all have an image to uphold, and hopefully, we all have a life outside of 'what we do' where our appearance matters, as well.

So, where I am going with all this? Well, if you are going to take the time to look the part for any event, whether it is work, play or a date, please consider all the essentials, and do not leave out ANYTHING, including what goes on under that fabulous outfit you're going to wear!

Picture it, she has on a dress that is a perfect color for her skin tone, her make-up is just right, and 'Oh!' look at that hair! Then you notice her great shoes and that nice pair of earrings she's wearing … but then, all of a sudden, as you're discreetly looking at her and thinking how nice she looks … you focus in on that bulge right around her waistline! How could that be?!? She looks incredible from head to toe, but she forgot about her underclothes?

Oh, poor thing … It's when I see this happening that I want to go over to her and say, 'Honey, did you know …, and' Let me help you … '. It's very simple, really, and here are some tips:

• If you are wearing a dress that clings to your body and you must wear hose, then ditch the underwear and wear ONLY hose. The hose should come high enough so there are absolutely NO roles hanging over that you can see. If there are, the hose should be pushed up higher until they complete cover and hold in the roles (sometimes as high as right under your breasts is required). Control top hose are awesome for smoothing and contouring, like the ones offered by Victoria's Secret and Leggs.

• If you're going the no hose route with a dress, then wear a pair of underwear that are either 'barely' there, or cover all. If they're 'barely there', then please make sure they fit and the waistband is not too tight (again, avoid the bulge attack!). I recommend thongs or g-strings. I know that if you've never ventured into the thong arena that you might be thinking 'how uncomfortable', but quite the contrary in my opinion, and looks how they've been on the market for a while, then I'm not alone!

• If you are going with the cover all option under that dress, then again, please make sure the waist band is high enough to smooth out all lines and eliminate all bulge. The seat should also come low enough to minimize any lines from behind. Some may refer to these as 'granny panties' but they look much better under dresses and dress pants, and they have more support to hold you in! If you're too worried about your date seeing them, then be sure to have a sexy pair in your purse to throw on after you're out of the public view! Or, there are a lot of sexy full coverage options nowdays.

• I do not recommend it, but if you insist on wearing both panties and hose, then please be sure that the waistband of both line up together (to avoid an extra bulge) and all the same rules above apply.

• Some great tips for avoiding panty lines under dress pants include the 'granny panty' advice above in addition to smoothing undergarments, like products made by Spanx. These often have a wide waste band and are long enough that there are no lines to be seen whatsoever. They're even comfortable and often help you lose an inch or two! Bonus!

• I would not be covering all the bases if I did not slip something in here about slips under skirts and dresses. Basically, all the same rules apply to wearing slips; make sure the waistband lines up with the waistband of the hose and / or panties, ensuring that it's rolled up high enough to minimize any bulge, and please ensure that the slip is smooth and seamless under your dress or skirt. Slips can be great when worn correctly, as there are several styles to hold in the tummy and slim down the thighs. Again, bonus!

• If you feel like living a bit dangerously, a good way to minimize your panty lines under dress pants is to not wear any! And now, there's a great product called 'Nundies' for you to place in your pants to provide a barrier when you do summon up the courage to go commando. Be free!

• And finally, be sure to take a good look in the mirror before you walk out the door for any occasion!

If you follow the advice above, then you'll look smoother, thinner, be more comfortable and hopefully, feel more confident! You have to admit, they're pretty simple pointers to remember and live by. Some great brands of hose and underwear are below. Remember, what goes on under those clothes can make or break the outfit!

Next tip to watch for: The bra should fit!

Source by Ronda Suder

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