October 15, 2018

Wedding Theme Ideas – Floating Wedding, Peaceful and Tranquil Celebration

Have you ever thought about creating a masterpiece of a wedding ceremony? Something unique and wonderful, something like a floating wedding ceremony on a lake or a dam, by soft candlelight, all under the full moon of a still night? If you are interested in having your very beautiful floating wedding theme, to provide a peaceful & tranquil celebration of the love you share, it is easy to organize.

Can you, for one moment, imagine what it would be like, how your guests would feel, and the memories people would have after experiencing your very own outdoor, nighttime wedding ceremony, gently floating on the ocean or a lake, in a fleet of canoes, or on a boat? Accompanied by soft romantic music, floating candles and flowers, you would drift with your guests, dinner tables in individual canoes, enjoying the serenity and tranquility of nature. Quietly drifting along the edge of the lake without the usual noise and crowds, and being serenaded by the lapping water and soft music, would really be the ultimate reward for two people in love.

How can you arrange this amazing wedding? It's simple!

You first need to find a safe lake, dam or beach, making sure there are no wild animals or reptiles to frighten the guests away. You also need to make sure that you have the permission of any local council or authority. The venue, boat or canoes, need to have wide decks to support each one having its own dinner table and seating. Small tables can be organized for canoes.

For those people who love canoeing, you would need to rent your canoes, and seat your guests just as if they were riding the gondolas in Venice. On each dinner table you would have a menu, and drinks list, cutlery and any other item relevant to the occasion. Each guest would eat their meal in their own little vessel, enjoying the company of the other guests, also in their own canoes.

Decoration is also an important part of any wedding, and this is where the floating candles come in. Flowers are important but because your special occasion would be at night, bright colorful flowers are not necessarily required. Floating wreaths could also be used, and each canoe could be decorated with flowers also. The floating candles are of course scattered around the lake, and may even be attached to each canoe, at the bow and the stern. This all provides a very romantic nuance for your ceremony.

You may also need to consider tents or marquees for guests who prefer to stay on dry land. Lifeguards would also be a great idea, just in case there are any accidents out on the water. It is always better to be safe than sorry. A first aid box is also a great idea, as you never know when someone may need a bandage or something to calm an insect bite.

Your romantic floating wedding can become a reality quite easily. This is a unique way to provide, and enjoy a calm, romantic environment for the lucky couple and the guests as well. With a little good planning, and some great ideas, your wedding night, could be the time of your life. Your wedding night will be a night that everyone will remember for a very long time.

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