November 14, 2018

Bon Voyage 1000 – Life As it Was Meant to Be

The product here is off the chart. One of the worlds most innovative Travel websites. They offer unlimited worldwide travel with a personal touch. An International full service travel website offering every type of travel imaginable including Airline tickets, Hotels, and Resort Accommodations, Cars and Limos rentals, Cruises, Tours, and that is just the beginning. They have special resources to help you with International and Business Travel, Group Travel, and special events like Honeymoons and Weddings. Some of the finest Vacation Resorts at unbelievable prices. They charge for a week what everyone else is charging for a few days. Nobody can beat their prices. You’ll be able to take a vacation to places you never Imagined. Even Helicopters and private Islands. 40 different cruise lines Including Disney. Upon becoming a Bon Voyage 1000 member you get a Free complimentary cruise for two to the Bahamas worth over $400. Luxury condos in over 100 countries, often rates as low as $100-$150 for 7 days in popular travel destinations.

Would you like to arrange a family reunion in Hawaii? How about a destination wedding. Planning a out of state conference. Interested in renting a Private Island? When they say the sky is the limit they mean it. You can do any of theses with your own personalized Concierge Service. All for a one time cost of $349.95.

Then there is the Lifestyle Rewards Program. The one time purchase of your Lifestyle Card puts you at the top of a 2×2 matrix that holds 6 people. When your 2×2 matrix is full you earn $1000. You get two who get two and you cycle. Over and over again. There are four ways your matrix can be filled. New Direct Referrals, Spill over from your up-line, Spill under from your down-line, Direct referrals show again in your matrix as they cycle out. Now that’s leverage. When you cycle out twice you will be able to qualify for the Leadership Bonus. When your second level people cycle you earn $100 on them. So you will be earning not just when you cycle but also when your personals cycle and when their personals cycle. Powerful!

It gets better! This just the beginning they are lining up hundreds of superb products and services to get you to the lifestyle of your dreams for an affordable price. As they grow they will be adding additional saving opportunities for you at shops, gyms, spas, restaurants. They plan to provide savings on prescriptions, automotive services, and more. The benefits will continue to increase – At NO additional cost to you.

Source by Neil Baggett

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