November 22, 2018

Cruiser Wheelchairs

Cruising is not just about having rides over the sea waves or just paddling across mountains on bikes; it is now also part of medical science. The technology of cruising is also used for patients who are active but are suffering from physical mobility issues. As cruise means to ride swiftly, smoothly and effortlessly even through rough surface; the same concept is kept in mind while designing wheelchairs for patients.

Cruiser Wheelchairs are a blessing for those patients who love to move around but are unable to do so because of their untoward health. These wheelchairs are one of the best getaway devices for the patients, which takes them to places of their wish. Although these wheelchairs look like any ordinary wheelchair, but functionally they are much appreciated.

The Cruiser Wheelchairs are lightweight and portable and are designed to perform heavy duty. These wheelchairs have steel frame that are well acknowledged for their sophisticated look and sturdy performance. These chairs are engineered in such artistic way that they can be easily folded and can be stored and transported to places.

The upholstery of Cruiser Wheelchair is designed to support array of positioning, ensuring that at every position the patient can enjoy the same level of comfort. It has stylish padded upholstery, which certainly provides room for air circulation, thus giving the patient skin enough room to breathe. The upholstery is available in customized color and it ensures to provide long lasting performance.

The Cruiser Wheelchairs are famous for their wide comfortable seats that provide support to the patient by covering the area from hip to the knees and still leaving some extra room for future developments. The seats are so well designed, that they allow the person to have comfortable and secure rides in vans and buses. These features make people considered the Cruiser wheelchairs to be the best for transport across each type of surface.

The Cruiser Wheelchairs have special handle attached at the rear end of the chair. This handle is designed with a technology that allows the helper to adjust the handle in such a way that they can push the chair effortless with just one hand and can comfortably control its direction and movement, without causing any jerk and making the patients completely secure.

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