December 26, 2018

Bratislava, Slovakia

Of the many countries that you can visit you may enjoy visiting Slovakia and its many cities including that of Bratislava. You will find this city is the capital of the Slovakian Republic and it is the largest city in the country. The city of Bratislava is located on the banks of the Danube River in southernwestern Slovakia. As you explore this city you will discover that it borders the neighboring countries of Hungary and Austria making this the only national capital to border two independent countries.

You will find that Bratislava is a charming city where you will be able to look at interesting buildings and see how the history and culture of this city has been kept alive. As there are many interesting places that you can visit while you are here you may wish to become more familiar with the city and these diverse places of interest before you start sightseeing. Of these sights you will find the various churches of Bratislava to be an interesting place to start your tour of the sights of Bratislava.

Of these various churches that you will encounter when you are in this city you will find St. Louis. Martin's Church to be a fascinating visit. This church is one of the oldest and the largest churches that you will be able to find in Bratislava. This church is situated just below the Bratislava Castle. This church which was designed in the Gothic style was begun in 1204. Martin's Church used to be the coronation church of several Kings of Hungary. You will see a gilded Hungarian royal crown topping a pyramid shape which can be found on the Cathedral's tower.

From this cathedral your next stop may be the Church of St. Elisabeth. In Slovakian it is called Kostol svätej Al¾bbety. You will find this church has been given the nickname of the Blue Church or Modrý kostolík. You will find the Church of St Elisabeth to be a beautiful Jugendstil church which was finished in 1913. Of the various churches that you will encounter in Bratislava this is one sight that you must not miss seeing.

Even though there are still many sights you will find worthy looking at while you are in Bratislava you should take the time to visit the Roland Fountain. This fountain in Bratislava was built by stonecutter named Andreas Luttringer under the commission from the Hungarian King Maximilian in 1527. Historically speaking the Roland Fountain was the first fountain to be made in Bratislava.

While touring the various sights that you will find in Bratislava you should look at the renovated Devin Castle. You will be able to find this castle in the Devin Borough where it is located on a rock near the Morava and Danube Rivers meet. Of the various places of interest that you will find in Bratislava this castle represents an important Slovak archaeological site. Within the castle you will be able to find a museum which provides you with a great wealth of history about the castle and the surrounding area.

When you come to Bratislava for a visit these are just a few of the sights that you will see. There is still more places of interest that you can look at during your exploration of this city. For a splendid holiday your next choice should be the city of Bratislava.

Source by Hannah Rollmaker

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